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foospork t1_ixiu2rz wrote

I’ve been watching Tangier Island, VA (near Crisfield, MD) fade away over the past 10 years.

IIRC, it’s been inhabited by European settlers since the 1600s. It was used as a base by the British during their attack on Washington during the War of 1812.

Tangier Island looks like another place that will soon succumb to this fate.


nathhad t1_ixly4wa wrote

Unfortunately, islands in the Bay are inherently impermanent. They move, they leave. Barrier islands on the surrounding coast are the same way. Historically this has been the case long before we started doing things that often accelerate the process. Building "permanent" structures on them is really a fool's game, but unfortunately that's something we seem to have forgotten culturally. Some places are suitable for long term occupation, some really just aren't.