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fuckoffandydie t1_ixjxf0a wrote

Hey, you might not be from Australia so you might not know, but that’s not an appropriate term for Indigenous Australians. Indigenous Australian or Aboriginal people/s are their preferred terms.


East_Bay_JK t1_ixk3dfa wrote

I did not know that. I apologize for any offense.


fuckoffandydie t1_ixl48wv wrote

I don’t know if it’s necessarily offensive, just inaccurate. Indigenous Australians had over 200 distinct languages before colonisation. The term “Aborigines” reduces them to one group.


RealDealHemp t1_ixm11fl wrote

Aborigines is just a term meaning the people who were there first. I don’t think it’s any specific tribe or group.


sallhurd t1_ixk5n0h wrote

Good job to you, and good job to East Bay. Beautiful exchange.


Bonjourap t1_ixla10o wrote

I agree, so much respect is rare on reddit. Love to you all :)