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informativebitching t1_iyphabe wrote

Also this…1/5 of a human hair thick indentations from a dry stylus…seems more like someone was doodling on a paper sitting on top of the book they were supposed to be reading. Why would you write something at all that can’t be detected without 21st century technology? No offense to these pros but their conclusions seem ridiculous


YogurtFirm t1_iyq43fg wrote

My first thought was that she was writing on paper on top of the manuscripts. No way anyone would scribble on those, even back then they were too valuable and precious.


Wretched_Brittunculi t1_iyq6rzw wrote

Scribes were always writing insults and whatnot in manuscripts. I wouldn't be so sure that delinquents or the lovesick wouldn't too.


theredwoman95 t1_iyqifqi wrote

There's literally a whole field of study about marginalia in medieval manuscripts - yes they were expensive, but that's never stopped graffiti.


Vectorman1989 t1_iysye0f wrote

Possible it was a child, the drawing especially is like something a child would doodle