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alexjewellalex t1_j00sybb wrote

“Marine archaeologists believe the ship dates to sometime between 1300 – 1850.” That’s quite the range lol


CaesuraRepose t1_j01cjrr wrote

From that range I mean... there's more years there that are post-medieval than actually medieval...


polymercat420 t1_j02i2l9 wrote

Yeah didn't the medieval era end in 1450 and then the Tudor era started?


hiriel t1_j02k6cj wrote

There was no Tudor era in Norway, as we don't have any Tudors...

The medieval era in Norways is commonly said to end with the reformation of 1537.


CaesuraRepose t1_j048jun wrote

As with all things it depends where and when you are.

"The Tudor era" only really applies to England.

Some scholars would argue broadly the medieval period ends in 1453 because that's when the 100 Years' War ends, and when the Ottomans finally topple Constantinople. The world after that was a quite different place. Warfare also had changed drastically by then.

Some argue for 1492 as a good date.

Others say 1521 and the start of the Protestant Reformation is the end of the medieval period.

Personally I can see the argument for each but I like 1453 as the date.


informativebitching t1_j049hi1 wrote

Trans medieval period from 1453-1537…?


CaesuraRepose t1_j04uwsg wrote

Sure, that could work too. It's very fluid after all, no exact date. Same as the slow decline of the Western Roman Empire is quite fluid


ccReptilelord t1_j01q3n3 wrote

"It's from any time Europe started crafting boats to now."


Lagiacrus111 t1_j026pz1 wrote

I know this is a meme comment but this is like absolutely false.


Atillurt t1_j0171c7 wrote

I like that they say a medieval ship, like yes we used medieval ships as we industrialized the nation. Nothing beats tradition as we modernize.


frogontrombone t1_j01qb8q wrote

If they havent been able to retrieve samples yet and are going based on imaging only, its a reasonable range


m0fugga t1_j01w7g1 wrote

I think OP has taken liberties with the post title for sure...


m0fugga t1_j01vz6q wrote

Headline should read:

"Medieval (or not) ship found in Norway‘s biggest lake"


MedonSirius t1_j01vjmb wrote

Police: Detective, we have found this dead body here

Detective: I see, i know exacppromitery when the murder happened

P: when?

D: somewhen between now and 2,000 B.C.

Narrator: what the Detective didn't knew is that the dead body is from a future where they dump the bodies to the past. So, yeah, Detective Perry is a scumbag!


UnderAnAargauSun t1_j00wa0k wrote

Norway’s answer to the Vasa museum?


znoopyz t1_j011t2o wrote

Not even close we forgot about this boat. No way you forget the story about the ship in Vasa.


t-m t1_j0260e5 wrote

Wasn't the Vasa completely forgotten about for 200+ years before it was found and dredged?


znoopyz t1_j05tt6x wrote

Forgive me if I’m mistaken it’s been a while since I learned the story. I don’t think we ever forgot the event of the sinking and I think we always knew where it sank we just didn’t have the ability to dredge it up immediately and by the time that technology was available we just assumed it would have decomposed to the point where such actions would have been pointless.


snowman5689 t1_j00jyjh wrote

Ship found in lake? You don't say!


Atillurt t1_j017hxq wrote

Looking for ammo dumped by an ammo factory, found a ship. Good haul i might say.


lopedopenope t1_j01whgu wrote

Someone tell Ødegård it can be done with robots. The cia raised part of a Soviet sub at like 16 thousand feet. This isn’t worth it tho because we don’t need their nuclear torpedoes or code papers. I don’t believe they had any


Stannis2024 t1_j021jja wrote

Does anybody know the coordinates???


ThatGIRLkimT t1_j0asybi wrote

I wonder what it looks like. A ship on a lake.