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arillyis t1_j0315vt wrote


Pt_Zero t1_j03s98v wrote

Either we’re valuing lives equally or we’re not. If they’re not implying that the slaves bodies are somehow more valuable than the crew of a non-slave ship, it’s a needless and stupid distinction to make. They didn’t explicitly say it, but it’s heavily implied. Otherwise, why make that distinction at all?


ixNet t1_j040sbu wrote

Because slaves didn’t get to decide to be on the boat - they were subjected to the risk of sinking against their will.


Pt_Zero t1_j043vgn wrote

Does it matter in this context? At least you’re willing to admit that in your mind the bodies of slaves are more valuable to you than anyone else. Personally I think they’re all about the same. I think it’s an utterly silly distinction to make especially when we have no clue who any of these people were in life.


ixNet t1_j0456eh wrote

I agree with that and ultimately think bodies should be undisturbed for a plethora of reasons, including contribution to the ecosystems due to tissue decay. I was just pointing out why the contexts of their deaths can be assumed to be even less of their own volition.