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fArmageddon2 t1_j03gkdg wrote

“To figure out what was buried in the sand, archaeologists dug a hole and looked closer at it.” Genius idea


assholetoall t1_j06rob2 wrote

IT guy checking in. We frequently get asked for a complex technology based solution to a problem that can be easily solved by manual efforts (often it's a management problem).

My guess is that digging a hole is a novel idea because people expect some hi-tech method. Ground penetrating radar, ancient ocean predators with lasers, computer modeling, etc.

Just carefully dig a hole and look with Mark 1 eyeball systems.


Annomaander_Rake t1_j16rpus wrote

We live in a world of technology worship, as I’m sure you know better than I do, being that you are part of IT. So whenever a problem can be solved by something hi tech, I think everyone collectively gets a hard on. Especially news outlets. They love reporting about a hi tech solution to something that could have been solved the old fashioned way.


memberflex t1_j07f5x1 wrote

It seems so obvious now they’ve explained how they did it