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Laughedindeathsface t1_j124q0h wrote

I'm just throwing this out there. We also realized pretty quick that semi-auto is better for accuracy minus a few automatic weapons per squad for suppression.

US military has always preferred semi-automatic for it main weapon systems. Promotes accuracy, ammo conservation, less time reloading because mag fed full auto is 2 secs, 3 tops.


PontiniY t1_j12a5v0 wrote

The STG-44 was both.


KarmaticIrony t1_j12krmg wrote

Indeed and it was primarily used in semi-auto by German troops. The concept of an assault rifle as we know it today was not really achieved in technical design or tactical use until to introduction of the AK47.

In that case the soviets were looking for a replacement for their SMGs rather than intentionally introducing a new type of weapon.


degotoga t1_j12yuhz wrote

That’s not really true. The StG is considered to be the first assault rifle and the AK47 was developed in response to it


PontiniY t1_j16f7sw wrote

I wasn't there, but I reckon the STG-44 was used extensively in full-auto mode for both covering fire and clearing rooms.


KarmaticIrony t1_j17gkjo wrote

Not according to the records of both the allied and axis soldiers who were there.


PontiniY t1_j1fjccq wrote

Do you have sources for that? I know they were instructed to use primarily semi-auto, due to ammunition supply issues, but I can't find anything about what they actually did in said circumstances.


KarmaticIrony t1_j1fqeux wrote

I dont have them immediately on hand and I don't care enough to dig them up for you.


PontiniY t1_j1fx6f8 wrote

You could just say you don't have them, it's fine. As far as I'm aware, they're basically nonexistent anyway, hence my conjecture.