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Downtown-Ad-8706 t1_j12eh1t wrote

Here is a copy of the official 1945 report from the US Army which may have something to do with why the weapon was not adopted.


aWheatgeMcgee t1_j12jicg wrote


In their attempts to produce a light, accurate weapon having considerable fire power by mass production methods, however, the Germans encountered difficulties which have seriously limited the effectiveness of the Sturmgewehr. Because it is largely constructed of cheap stampings, it dents easily and therefore is subject to jamming. Although provision is made for both full automatic and semiautomatic fire, the piece is incapable of sustained firing and official German directives have ordered troops to use it only as a semiautomatic weapon. In emergencies, however, soldiers are permitted full automatic fire in two- to three-round bursts. The possibilities of cannibalization appear to have been overlooked and its general construction is such that it may have been intended to be an expendable weapon and to be thrown aside in combat if the individual finds himself unable to maintain it properly.”


KarmaticIrony t1_j12mm1y wrote

TLDR compared to the M1 rifles and carbines the US already possesed the STG-44 was significantly heavier and less reliable. It's major X factor of possessing automatic fire was essentially useless as automatic fire is not useful for most rifleman in general and the STG-44 in particular was not well designed for sustained automatic fire.


Cristoff13 t1_j12pf96 wrote

Yet part of the definition of an assault rifle is it must be capable of selective fire. And the great majority of intermediate calibre rifles in military service still have selective fire. This despite most sources I've seen agreeing automatic fire is something the great majority of riflemen very rarely, if ever, use.

And the STG-44 wasn't a very well constructed rifle. It was almost a last ditch weapon, sacrificing longevity of service for ease of manufacture.


ParaglidingAssFungus t1_j1bteki wrote

That selective fire also includes 3 round burst rather than full auto, which is what most of the US Army’s M4s and M16s have.


Anchor-1 t1_j14avhu wrote

US War Department is savage. Tell us how you really feel. lul