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degotoga t1_j12z160 wrote

a squad smg is not equivalent to an assault rifle


odomotto t1_j13x96g wrote

I'm not aware of a "squad"SMG. The BAR was the main issue automatic weapon. Thompsons were issued to commandos and paratroopers. Small, powerful, for troops that "assaulted enemy positions.


degotoga t1_j147wt4 wrote

That’s incorrect. Thompsons were issued to NCOs and officers in all infantry units in order to enhance automatic fire at the squad level

It is neither a carbine nor an assault rifle


Downtown-Ad-8706 t1_j15w7iu wrote

M1 and M3 SMGs don't show up in US Army Infantry TO&Es till 45. They were however "acquired" by enterprising infantrymen on an unofficial basis.

The USMC began issuing M1 SMGs when it adopted the F Series organization in 1944


degotoga t1_j15ywfz wrote

That was the doctrine, but in practice commanders had the power to requisition and issue SMGs, usually to NCOs and officers. As well as unofficial acquisition as you’ve said