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BudgetMattDamon t1_j2a0zw6 wrote

It boils down pretty simply: you have to undergo a lot of intensive training (years IIRC) with the sword to be able to kill effectively. A gun requires zero training to use, and relatively little to become passable with. Plus you can kill way more people in less time.

Swords are still way cooler.


Sinfullyvannila t1_j2c37kd wrote

It really depends on the gun. That's probably the case for a good striker fired handgun if there is already a bullet in the chamber or a pump action or break loaded shotgun. But otherwise, military rifles usually have less obvious slide operations and/or safeties. Double-action handguns of all kinds have a much heavier trigger pull than most people expect and it's not obvious whether a revolver is single, or double action.

Even with something as popular as a 1911, even if someone knew how to operate the slide, they probably wouldn't recognize the manual safety they don't know you also have to squeeze the lever on the back of the grip to engage the trigger.