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Poopy_McTurdFace t1_j2aaxxe wrote

I've heard that the US army axed thier bayonet course from training, but I don't know for certain. I knew the marines still did.

After WWI bayonet as a martial art was heavily streamlined and simplified as large melees became less and less commonplace.


DarkDoctor_42 t1_j2ale11 wrote

When I went to Basic back in ‘02 they still did bayonet training. Culmination at the end was the pugel matches, only chance we had to actually knock our drill sergeants off their feet legally.


FatherD00m t1_j2aoa7d wrote

I’ve always felt cheated out of this. We were set to do pugel matches the day after Nixon died. So it was skipped over.


zombiepirate t1_j2arjka wrote

And really, what better way to honor Nixon's passing than to knock someone off their feet?


FatherD00m t1_j2bfvlb wrote

Show off some big D energy. He’d like that I’m sure. At least as the stories go.


Born2fayl t1_j2b2ckc wrote

I had a drill sergeant roll with me on fire watch duty, one time in basic. I had trained under a Renzo Gracie brown belt for a while before joining and I smoked him. The agreement was, if I win and don’t tell anyone there would be no consequences. We both kept our word. I mean, I’m telling you now, but that doesn’t count. He just didn’t want to risk having to deal with any disrespect from other privates.


sardaukar2001 t1_j2b8d51 wrote

I did BCT back in 2008 and we didn't do any bayonet training. We did however do Combatives (grappling) training.


LarryTheHamsterXI t1_j2c6q5l wrote

Just went to basic this summer, no bayonet course. Pugil sticks are the closest we have right now.


5-On-A-Toboggan t1_j2aytcn wrote

I would guess that they became more common kicking in doors in Iraq and Afghanistan.


KarmaticIrony t1_j2b3cep wrote

If someone is in melee range with you and you have rifles, the smart thing to do is push/throw/grapple them or retreat as necessary so you or a buddy can shoot them.

A bayonet on the end of your gun's muzzle makes it longer and heavier which are both a disadvantage in close quarters. Given the first point, it's a sacrifice for no real benefit.


jrhooo t1_j2ba1rk wrote

Also, if someone is in melee range with you, even without a bayo, a good muzzle thump to the face will back them off you enough to follow up with whatever next move is appropriate