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Unable-Anybody-2285 OP t1_j2eunfq wrote

Yeah I wasn't really sure what I was going for on this question

I know fencing wasn't exactly popular in the colonial states at the time nor was it Melee method or techniques for the continental army's swordplay i know it has its roots but It evolved much more than that

What I was going for or at least what I had in mind was maybe as you suggested notable examples of calvary officers who might of been noted to be very skilled with a sword or officers who from what I've who've had mastery in the saber or often in other times have had fencing skills prior to the war who were notable swordsmen during the revolution maybe examples like that would help

And I know I've said fencing it just it's the only base I could go off the I really don't know the name for American sword play at the time

Lastly since you've gave me this much info were there any cases of officers training there regiments or infantry in proper sword techniques or swordplay and if so we're there any notable examples of people gain the skills and then going on to become master in the art or using their skills for later engagements or wars