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Angdrambor t1_j2xhgy7 wrote

>Another posited that utensils and dwellings will be made largely of "pulps and cements."

3d printing! I'm sure the predictor imagined the use of molds, but it's nice to see materials science predictions.

>One writer envisioned a world in which Pittsburgh and London take orders "on talking films" from merchants in Peking, and "1,000-mile-an-hour freighters" deliver goods before sunset.

Half right. I can sit in pittsburg and order stuff from china, but the shipping is a usually a little slower than that. It's technically possible, but I think this predictor forgot to think about fuel costs. Also the fact that 1000mph shipping is unquestionably a weapon of war.


freeeeels t1_j2xl1yi wrote

I can certainly stream a "talking film" from a Chinese server instantly though


WhalesVirginia t1_j2xvyiw wrote

Most future predictions assume that energy is effectively an unlimited resource.


PapaSmurfOrochi t1_j2ypkpl wrote

Hello Amazon? Yeah, the drone went super sonic and slammed into my porch at 1,000 MPH. Going to need a refund on those headphones.


TheArmoredKitten t1_j3093hf wrote

Oh we for sure have 1,000mph shipping systems, but you definitely don't want anything they'll be delivering.


captainmeezy t1_j30iil7 wrote

How dare you assume I don’t want 15 kilograms of uranium delivered to my location at 1,000 mph, I have Godzilla’s to feed


War_Hymn t1_j309v4o wrote

>3d printing! I'm sure the predictor imagined the use of molds, but it's nice to see materials science predictions.

Sounds more like epoxy/resin composites, which is exactly what a lot of our stuff today is made of. See IKEA furniture and pretty much half of "new revolutionary material" posted on science journals these days.


green_dragon527 t1_j30pnfw wrote

Wasn't this when Bakelite was in high usage? Probably thought we would just be using Bakelite in everything.


Angdrambor t1_j31sy48 wrote

Prolly yeah. You gotta be smart though - I can look at 3d printing and see that it's still going to be a big deal in 2123, but I don't think it will be still centered around FDM.


Angdrambor t1_j31so71 wrote

The secret to good prognostication is to make vague predictions, so that they can be fulfilled multiple times in different ways. Resin composites definitely fit here.


hadshah t1_j30tl6s wrote

Hey airplanes can reach 700-750 mph during cruise sooooo… technically some shipping is close to 1000 mph