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Druid___ t1_j2xv9sy wrote

It's nice to see how accurate the "experts" really are at predicting the future.


tygamer4242 t1_j2xz1wd wrote

That’s because there’s no real way to predict the future. They just look at trend data (which doesn’t really help predict most things) and their imagination to come up with ideas. In the end though, we really have nothing to go on to predict what the future will be like since the world is unpredictable.


aesu t1_j2zdt08 wrote

The future is predictable, the timing isn't.


Sheeplenk t1_j2ygs1x wrote

Don’t worry. I’m sure today’s experts are much smarter, and there’s no way people will look back at our predictions and laugh in 2123.


crotaLotus t1_j33z644 wrote

The only accurate "experts" at predicting the future are time travelers