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mlaforce321 t1_j3rbhpf wrote

Are you taking about grenades? Its been used for a while - there are Byzantine examples that date around the 8th century.

They also were widely used in the 15th and 16th century for defense of castles. Then by the 17th century, Grenadier's were standard in almost all European armies.

So unless you do not mean grenades, Im confused as to where you're researching they did not exist in those timeframes.


fiendishrabbit t1_j3szofz wrote

Note that Byzantine grenades were more like Molotov cocktails than what we think of as grenades.

Main reason why grenades were used in a very limited fashion until the early modern era (16th century) is the lack of a reliable fuze. It wasn't until the gunpowder fuze that you could reliably light an enclosed and thrown explosive charge, early gunpowder weapons (outside China and India) used loose gunpowder to guide the flame to the main charge and that loose gunpowder would have been scattered when you threw the weapon.

We see the first traces of match cords In the mid 15th century


Hunter7695 OP t1_j3rpk5t wrote

sorry, my first language is not english so I didn't really understand the last part of the comment.

otherwise I also read something about the chinese using granades, but not much (please take into account that I made some searches on the internet and found nothing, so perhaps if I dug deeper I would Have found that info)

Other than that, thanks for the info, I will keep on searching about that.


Egon88 t1_j3sugq6 wrote

You spelled grenades incorrectly and the person responding wasn't certain that you meant grenade.