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KnudsonRegime t1_j3zcpqy wrote

It does suck. But they could have simply thrown the whole thing away and we’d have nothing.


hibearmate t1_j41dxw2 wrote

The job of an editor is to "kill" photo's from a collection

>Most of the negatives Stryker killed, by all accounts, were redundancies nixed in favor of a similar image with stronger composition, clearer focus, and facial expressions better comporting with the themes of suffering and endurance he sought to draw out of the FSA’s subjects.

The "killed" photos provide an interesting alternative view

>Shot through, these unloved alternates have become almost more interesting than their perfect twins. In contrast to the carefully captioned File images, killed negatives have no names attached, often no notes on provenance: what little we know about them is only by analogy to those photos that were saved, clues about location gleaned from landscapes, clothing, faces. As such, the killed photos demand a more active viewer, one willing to piece together, to parse, to consign some things to the realm of the curious and unknowable.