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_inappropriate_puns_ t1_j4rneqv wrote

> Eight of the runes on the front face of the stone may be spelling out the name of a woman, according to Kristel Zelmers analysis. “The text possibly refers to a woman called Idibera and the inscription could mean 'For Idibera',” says Professor Zilmer. Other possibilities are that idiberug is the rendering of a name such as Idibergu or Idiberga, or perhaps the kin name Idiberung.


Ferengi_Earwax t1_j4rot3c wrote

Yes. This is good to include in the TIL. Those names certainly fit. I wonder if further excavation might fund cremation burials nearby if it's a prominent family name. Be much easier to find if multiple family members were cremated than if it was just one lady named ideberga.


Initial_E t1_j4so30q wrote

Now that we have the right answer, only wrong answers in this thread, please