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kenlasalle t1_j515ny1 wrote

With great stubbornness and irritability.


Efficient-Progress40 t1_j52op9d wrote

In the book, "El Palestino", there is a story about a well known smuggler along the border of Venezuela and Columbia.

The smuggler would show up at a terrorist camp and spend the night. While the smuggler slept, the others searched the saddle bags, but found nothing out of the ordinary.

Much later, the author met up with the smuggler and the author asked what he was smuggling. The smuggler looked around, and in a hushed voice said, "Donkeys".


gerrineer t1_j51o5in wrote

By figuring out to get them down the stairs...or is that a cow?


cheemeechang0 t1_j51y0gv wrote

I forgot the Roman emperor who originally came from a family who made $$$ from donkeys and transportation.


Devil-sAdvocate t1_j596ne0 wrote

Mules. Emperor Vespasian (AD 69 to 79) was nicknamed “Mulio” (Muleteer). A full Roman legion was thought to use 1,080 Mules in its baggage train.

They are generally larger than donkeys (despite having a donkey father), and often considerably so. Their body weight makes them better pack animals. It is more powerful than a donkey, more stamina than a horse, and has a gentler temperament than both Donkeys and Horses.