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Ancient_Boner_Forest t1_j61fvop wrote

Oldest and most complete? That doesn’t sound right.


GrowDaddy t1_j61ogh0 wrote

commas are important, but not this time.


SandakinTheTriplet t1_j629mnt wrote

I’m not sure if I’m getting wooshed or if it’s a grammar thing, but what’s wrong with oldest and most complete?


ASMills85 t1_j62a62i wrote

Nothing. The title has an unnecessary comma and a weird capitalization.


groveborn t1_j62f219 wrote

Title capitalization is common... Maybe pasé, but common.

Fyi, I have no idea if my spelling is correct and I don't care. 😝


Ancient_Boner_Forest t1_j62gopg wrote

It just seems highly unlikely to me that the oldest mummy found in egypt would also be the "most complete".

Like, I imagine we've found thousands of mummies in egypt, none of them were "more complete" than this?

Are they comparing "completeness" to a select few of other mummies that fit certain categories?

Also, what does "complete" mean in this instance? The article is not at all clear.

Seems kinda ridiculous that the journalist who wrote this couldn't have figured that out.


SandakinTheTriplet t1_j62mbcw wrote

IFL is known for clickbait titles so I looked up the archaeologist’s Insta and he seems to be using the same verbiage!

He means “complete” as in the tomb has been untouched since it was first closed (which is a rarity). It does seem to be well preserved and at 4,300 years old it would make it one of the oldest tomb discoveries in Egypt, although not the oldest — the pyramid of Djozer is 4,700 years old.


notoriousbsr t1_j63ikd3 wrote

thanks for this legwork, really interesting that the Archaeologist is using the same.


PinianthePauper t1_j6olh9v wrote

Zahi Hawass is euh, not the most nuanced or objective of archaeologists.


C_Saunders t1_j62hogv wrote

I went to Egypt in 2021 and it was very nerdishly cool to be in an area so rich in history that they are still making discoveries to this day.


Scurouno t1_j63lyzx wrote

I am waiting for the day when I read an article in a popsci publication about a new Egyptian discovery and I don't see Zahi Hawass taking credit for the tireless work of other excellent Archaeologists/Egyptologists.


madpiratebippy t1_j64fyx6 wrote

Don’t let the Victorians know they’ll eat it!


BigGreenBallOfLuck t1_j64gdiv wrote

All I want to know... Is there any liquid I can drink? No? Not interested lol (sarcasm, not ignorance)


SteampunkDesperado t1_j694aes wrote

I appreciate how archaeologists keep pushing back the beginnings of human civilization. Take that, 6000-year Creationists!


cargo_run_rust t1_j69sjk9 wrote

Saqqara is very underrated historic site (overshadowed by the Great pyramid). It is the first stepping stone for large scale pyramid building.

Would always recommend to visit Saqqara to any history lover who travels to Egypt. Glad to see the site is making breakthroughs.


[deleted] t1_j61lil7 wrote