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AlwaysBored10711 OP t1_j6bew2w wrote

Thankfully not haha. I’m just reading The Art Of War by Sun Tzu because I wanted to get into reading. I get it’s not exactly a beginner read but so far I’ve understood enough of it except for this section. The translator was describing Wu Tzu Hsu’s life in the introduction but the way he summarized all the wars and events into just a few pages kind of made it confusing for someone who has never studied that time period. I found his “character” interesting enough that I was curious why he was executed. Hence this post.

I plan on reading “On War” by Carl Von Clausewitz next just for fun. Again- probably not a beginner read either but whatever haha. I think they make you read it if you join military or something (don’t quote me on that) so I suppose you could say I’m doing someone’s homework for fun 😂