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I just checked how many battery cycles my iPhone 11 Pro has gone through: 873. This phone was made 08/26/2019, so it's roughly 3.5 years old. Now, I think, is the best time to replace the battery. Why? Because iPhones are supported for 7 years (right?). I would expect the last iOS for iPhone 11 to be released in 2025, so with the release of the iOS in fall of 2026, the iPhone 11 Pro will be obsolete. This means I have 3.5 years left of updates of my iPhone, so I should replace the battery now rather than wait a year to change the battery.


Is my thinking about this correct? I know some power users may go through cycles more quickly. But I think 1 or at most 2 battery replacements to be optimal if one plans to use an iPhone the entire support cycle.



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dskatter t1_j9outfu wrote

The best time to replace a phone battery is when the health goes below 80%, whenever that is.


shallowfrychocolate t1_j9ou41i wrote

I guess 4 years and then 3 years is a safer bet as the phone's new the first 4 years and would work better and can survive that long, the next 3 years will be when the phone is nearing its end of support cycle and probably starting to get slower with old hardware


veganfuccboi t1_j9pfsux wrote

The best time to replace the battery is when it's causing you trouble, in the form of either performance issues or poor battery life. The 80% figure is meaningless, that's just what apple says your battery should be at after around 500 charge cycles, but that varies with usage.

I've seen 4 year old iphones @ 73-75% battery health still getting very decent SOT, and I've seen 1.5 year old iphones @ 90-92% battery health getting absolutely shit battery life.

Is the phone not lasting as long as it used to the point it's interfering with your day to day activities? Change the battery.

Is the phone more laggy or stuttery than it used to be, perhaps getting ocasional freezes that bother your? Change the battery.

Ignore the battery health indicator.


TWYFAN97 t1_j9ph4vm wrote

There is no best time. It’s recommend you replace a phones battery after 2 years maybe 3. At around 500 full charge cycles it’s expected the battery is at 80% capacity.


CommercialThis4987 OP t1_j9pnvtl wrote

So if at 873 cycles and 3.5 years later, I’m at 92%, do I have an unusually good quality battery?


TWYFAN97 t1_j9po6n6 wrote

Either the battery health estimate is wrong and lower than what it’s displaying. Or you have REALLY good luck. Definitely unusual though.


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BolivianDancer t1_j9ou7s0 wrote

What is your battery %?


CommercialThis4987 OP t1_j9pctqq wrote

iOS says 97%. coconutBattery says 92%.
Can that be correct? After 3.5 years of daily usage and 873 cycles??


BolivianDancer t1_j9pdfrv wrote

Potentially, yes.

Avoiding full charges from zero, fast changes, and wireless charges can extend battery life.

You don’t need a battery. Just live life.


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Twixisss t1_j9pimgz wrote

I charge my phone like every 50+ hours, hopefully this battery will last 4-5 years before I have to exchange it? iPhone 14 pro max, monster battery