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Ducallan t1_jacn25v wrote

So… if the cable is below an acceptable quality for safe high-speed charging and reliable high-speed data transfer, it’ll be limited in charging and data transfer speeds?

I’m ok with that.


Expert_Gate8947 t1_jacug56 wrote

I would be OK if Apple adhered to USB-C and USB-PD standards but had a voluntary "MFI" approval process to ensure that a third party cable will get max charging speeds and data rates for your iPhone.

At the moment you have no clue what a certain cable is capable of.


Ducallan t1_jacxlcy wrote

How is this not what Apple already does?


Expert_Gate8947 t1_jadaq5b wrote

No, with MFI you get a warning if the cable isn't MFI certified.


SigmaLance t1_jacxliu wrote

They have done this with their iPad lineup as well which means there is absolutely no reason one iPad should have a nerfed USB C port, but the other iPads don’t.

The same goes for the iPhone. Why does my iPhone still use lightning but my iPad and MBP use USB C.

It does not make any sense regardless of how you look at it.


TheBitMan775 t1_jae4uzu wrote

More like "if you don't have our super special proprietary chip in our cable no good charging for you"

I don't like it, USB-PD has been around for years, is industry standard, and does this just fine