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D-D-D-D-D-D-Derek t1_jac7ewb wrote

Sounds like they will get sued in Europe tbh.


SelectTotal6609 t1_jacfwbl wrote

then they will have to sue chinese Android OEMs, too


MTPWAZ t1_jaceo9t wrote

Sure for what? They just mandated the plug. Not the features.


Expert_Gate8947 t1_jacm57z wrote

> Device-side connector: the included devices would have to be equipped with a USB-C receptacle on the device side (as described in the European standard EN IEC 62680-1-3:2021) and, in cases of charging power lower than 60 watts, be rechargeable with cables that complied with the same standard (new annex Ia, part I). > > Charging communication protocol: the devices should incorporate the USB Power Delivery (USB PD) standard (as described in the European standard EN IEC 62680-1- 2:2021) and ensure that any additional charging protocols allow for full USB PD functionality (new annex Ia, part I).

From the February 2023 EU legislation document.


cmdtacos t1_jadltpc wrote

What about what they're doing violates either of these? If non-MFI cables still allow USB PD compliant charging under 60 watts wouldn't Apple still be in compliance?


AcerbicCapsule t1_jadoiw9 wrote

You're asking what would apple violate if they adhere to the guidelines in a comment for a post that is suggesting apple will not adhere to the guidelines?


cmdtacos t1_jadp2fa wrote

People are assuming Apple won't adhere to the guidelines. I'm just pointing out that from what I can tell Apple can at the same time restrict higher charging speeds to MFI cables AND obey the European rules for USB-C connectors on devices.


unread1701 t1_jacm7k8 wrote

I might be wrong but I think they mandated the USB-C standard.


-FoxBJK- t1_jacnya7 wrote

> the USB-C standard

See here's the problem with USB right now. This could mean any one of like 5 different USB standards.


broke_fit_dad t1_jaez9mz wrote

USB C wiring isn’t standardized as well as it should be. I have 3 devices on USB C one has a special cable and charger and doesn’t charge or connect on any other set up. The other 2 1 cable works with both chargers for one and one charger works with both cables for the other.

I would wager Apple will use the “ for future expansion” wires in USB C as identifiers


MTPWAZ t1_jad72nv wrote

Nah. Just the port and they it works with existing usb c chargers.

As for the standard that could be any number of things that no one adds to phones. So I doubt they would even try that.

So as long as the new port meets the basic requirements Apple is done. EU would need to update their meaning if they don’t like it.


unread1701 t1_jadf0cg wrote

This is all so weird as Apple is a member of the USB consortium too. I do love their implementation of USB-C on the MacBook Air though. So I hope they do the same for the iPhones.


Faleymark29 t1_jacazbd wrote

Yeah probably but it’s kind of funny that they are giving the middle finger to EU because their the ones who wanted this I think.


gigitygoat t1_jacrcvm wrote

Everyone wants this. Why do we need a half dozen cables if they could all be the same? It’s wasteful and bad for the consumer.

Imagine if every car manufacturer used a different fuel nozzle receiver. That would severely limit when and where you could refuel.


Expert_Gate8947 t1_jacu5uk wrote

Isn't that what Tesla is doing with their charging port?


gigitygoat t1_jad4fc6 wrote

It is. The government needs to step in a regulated and standardize a connector.


iBlag t1_jadjkdv wrote

The US government has cajoled the EV industry to use one standard, and Tesla sells adapters, including an upcoming one for fast DC charging, and is opening their supercharging network for competing EV manufacturers to use.

So they’re already working on it.


IronManConnoisseur t1_jacy20q wrote

Electric vehicles are a whole other ballgame than the mass-use of smartphones and gas-powered vehicles.


gigitygoat t1_jad4b78 wrote

It's the same ballgame. The government needs to step in and regulate.


the_jak t1_jadgyrr wrote

I have 2. USB c and lighting. Even my vape pen is usb c. How do you have so many cords?


gigitygoat t1_jadhi6p wrote

lightning, micro USB, mini USB, USB A, USB B, USB C.


Quiet_Independent930 t1_jackqn1 wrote

Honestly, if this is true, whatever.

The worst part of USB C is that the quality of the cable is a complete unknown to people at a glance, the only way I can tell my Thunderbolt 4 cable from any other USB C cable is that the TB4 cable has a larger boot around the connector.

But even that isn’t a guarantee to it’s quality, data rate, or power transmission.

If mfi means that it meets a minimum spec, fine by me.

If not though, then Apple can pound sand.


mojo276 t1_jad2uz3 wrote

I imagine MFi certification will mean it meets some specification. Apple wants everything to just work and the absolute mess of USB-C goes against that. I'm very much ok with this and actually wish there was some more regulation/transparency with USB-C. Too much confusion for people that aren't already geared towards looking at the details.


Danjdanjdanj57 t1_jadkq5m wrote

Actually, the Thunderbolt 4 trademark on a cable IS a guarantee of quality, data rate, and power transmission! Intel tests and certifies the cable meets design requirements, and then they audit these cables in the field to make sure they continue to do so through the production run. As far as Speed goes: all TB4 cables are 40 Gbps. For power, all TB4 cables are 100W (5A) capable.

Note: at some point soon, all TB4 cables will be 240 W capable, I just don’t know when this will occur… it is a newer Type-C spec.


MrEcksDeah t1_jadkvje wrote

Your thunderbolt cable doesn’t have the thunderbolt logo? Both of mine do.


esp211 t1_jack34r wrote

Hey everyone, let’s all be outraged about an unsubstantiated rumor regarding a product that has not even announced or released.


Instantbeef t1_jacps6o wrote

No one reads the article. It’s completely inferring this outcome from the fact they are making some with MFI supposedly


SigmaLance t1_jacxsx5 wrote

This is so true. Hopefully they don’t do this to their phones like they did with their iPad lineup.


RobSaville82 t1_jaefkc5 wrote

I’m confused, I have the latest M2 iPad Pro and it works with just about any USB-C accessory. As did my previous M1 iPad Pro. No iPad with USB-C needs a specific MFi charger for full speed charging. If the charger is lower wattage, it will charge slower, but that’s the case with all devices.


SigmaLance t1_jaeomh3 wrote

The 10th Gen iPad is limited in charging and transfer speeds unlike the rest of the iPad lineup.


RobSaville82 t1_jaeqjkf wrote

Are you talking about fast charging? That’s nothing to do with MFi. Fast charging requires a 30 watt charger I believe, but it doesn’t need to be Apple branded. In the iPad’s box they only provide a 20 watt wall plug, which doesn’t offer the fastest charging possible for the iPad. If you use 30 watt chargers or higher, like from a MacBook, it charges faster. Same with the iPad Pro I have. Neither needs MFi specific cables or anything like that.


SigmaLance t1_jaeqvgt wrote

It has nothing to do with MFI. It has to do with Apple putting a lower USB C standard in it than what your pro has.


RobSaville82 t1_jaes54b wrote

What do you mean lower USB-C standard though? If you use the included 20 watt charger, it won’t charge as fast as it can do. If you use a 30 watt or higher charger it will.

The only difference with the iPad Pro is it’s USB-C port also has Thunderbolt 4. Data transfer might be faster to Thunderbolt compatible devices, but that’s a different story. Thunderbolt has never been included in any non-Pro iPad.


Pick2 t1_jaew3v1 wrote

Wow ur saying I support it then? Omg 😱


RobSaville82 t1_jaefci6 wrote

Precisely, it does say it’s just a rumour. Nothing confirmed by Apple at this stage.

With Mac’s and iPads running on USB-C already, this seems unlikely to happen just for the iPhone. They’d have already done this before on the iPad, when that moved over to USB-C.


Expert_Gate8947 t1_jaca0qh wrote

Now that the whole "Apple is going wireless instead of USB-C" is debunked, we need some other imaginative rumour to get mad about.


paladindan t1_jacn73c wrote

I’ll try:

“Inspired by auto makers charging a subscription to use features already installed in the car you purchased, Apple is rumored to announced a new subscription service: Messaging+.

Apple will allow you to send and receive messages to other iOS devices, but you’ll need to pay $1.99/month if you want to send or receive messages from non-iOS devices.“


Griffdude13 t1_jadkyf7 wrote

Ah, yes, malicious compliance. Find the loophole and exploit the hell out of it.


ioncloud9 t1_jac8d4a wrote

Great way to add even more confusion and poor user experience to the already complicated usb c ecosystem.


WTF_CAKE t1_jadacin wrote

The reality of it is, Apple wants people to buy Apple only products. So… they’ll make it a pain in the ass for every other cable to work on their new iPhone. I don’t think it’ll add any confusion per-say, but it’ll be more of a “as long as you have an Apple approved cable you’ll be good, otherwise you’re in your own”


bodaciousbabe69 t1_jaegf8m wrote

The reality is people buy shit cables. I had to pay like $70 just for my MacBook to be able to charge and connect to the monitor. You know how long it took me to find a decent cable that wasn’t apple.


WTF_CAKE t1_jaen3ku wrote

I hear you and I’m the same way too if I can cheap out on my cable then I’ll do it. In fact any additional iPhone cables I’ve always gotten them from 5 n below. But apple being Apple will do its thing and somehow market their own usb c as the must have


Faleymark29 t1_jacavis wrote

Seem like they did that on purpose to give a middle finger to the ones who cried about wanting it to be usb-c charging.


ioncloud9 t1_jacfik5 wrote

It'll work.. just not pull 20v unless you use an apple certified cable and charger.


copperbeagle t1_jac603c wrote

What does anyone expect. They want to sell their own products. It’s how they make money. I’m not agreeing with it. I’m just not surprised.


Ducallan t1_jacn25v wrote

So… if the cable is below an acceptable quality for safe high-speed charging and reliable high-speed data transfer, it’ll be limited in charging and data transfer speeds?

I’m ok with that.


Expert_Gate8947 t1_jacug56 wrote

I would be OK if Apple adhered to USB-C and USB-PD standards but had a voluntary "MFI" approval process to ensure that a third party cable will get max charging speeds and data rates for your iPhone.

At the moment you have no clue what a certain cable is capable of.


Ducallan t1_jacxlcy wrote

How is this not what Apple already does?


Expert_Gate8947 t1_jadaq5b wrote

No, with MFI you get a warning if the cable isn't MFI certified.


SigmaLance t1_jacxliu wrote

They have done this with their iPad lineup as well which means there is absolutely no reason one iPad should have a nerfed USB C port, but the other iPads don’t.

The same goes for the iPhone. Why does my iPhone still use lightning but my iPad and MBP use USB C.

It does not make any sense regardless of how you look at it.


TheBitMan775 t1_jae4uzu wrote

More like "if you don't have our super special proprietary chip in our cable no good charging for you"

I don't like it, USB-PD has been around for years, is industry standard, and does this just fine


tk338 t1_jad10uq wrote

Belongs in r/MaliciousCompliance tbh


MacAdminInTraning t1_jacur29 wrote

The word limited and iOS tend to go very well together. I’m fairly certain Apple will keep using USB 2.0 as they did when the 10th gen iPad and that will be the main limitation. It’s always nice to buy a $1000 device with 20 year old tech in it.


sumukhdev t1_jacwyw0 wrote

android phones with usb c have been doing this for a long time, oneplus does shit like this with their phones where you can’t charge at full speed without their cables


RandomUser132621 t1_jadml7m wrote

Apple is looking to frak its customers....not EU!Its a way to blackmail customers into buying Apple products...not have EU change the regulation.
The same company that removed chargers for reducing their enviromental footprint ....but kept the same price!
Lets support Apple in bending the rules!


michael8684 t1_jaejhqt wrote

Of course Apple was going to comply in the most dickish way possible


bittersweetquartet t1_jaeuujs wrote

Gotta love apple making their products worse just to make a buck from licensing, sounds like they're not gonna deviate from policy


Syberboi t1_jadc7ct wrote

As long as I can finally use wired Apple CarPlay without getting the audio quality of a literal potato, I’m completely fine with everything


solex118 t1_jadnbci wrote

MFi USB-C cables? Sounds crazy, you know they want to get theirs when it comes to things like this, and I for one would be pissed if they neuter the charging speeds for non MFi cables.

They do not do that with their Macbooks


abcpdo t1_jaduo23 wrote

I don't understand how they would get away from it from a standards perspective. Like if they were a less well known company, sure. But their specs listing would have to show "USB4 (MFi only)" or something like that.


petrolly t1_jae6laq wrote

Leave it to Apple to take a "universal" serial bus and make it proprietary. I do hope they don't charge the mifi 10% wholesale royalty, but we all know they will.


HiramAbiff2020 t1_jaebrs7 wrote

Not specifically a fan of USB-C but Lightning has been pretty limited. I thought by now we would have a plethora of Lightning based products but nope.


TyberZ52 t1_jaekbva wrote

Why do you not like type-c?


HiramAbiff2020 t1_jaemi7h wrote

It's practical, would be ideal and universal but in my experience or use case it doesn't play nice with other connections specifically for video.


RobSaville82 t1_jaec738 wrote

I’m not sure I believe this, seems like just rumours and hearsay so far, unless Apple were to actually confirm it. They already have USB-C based iPad’s and Mac’s which don’t have these restrictions. My iPad Pro works with every USB-C cable and accessory I’ve plugged into it. Even obscure things like USB-C multi-hubs, microphones and USB NVMe drives work. Most aren’t Apple branded. If they were going to do this for the iPhone, why would they stop there!


TyberZ52 t1_jaek75o wrote

I could see them change kicking and screaming UNLESS they found some way to keep taking in MASSIVE 💰💰💰 from their made for iPhone program; not necessarily a bad program, but apple is under legal obligation to stock holders to make the most money possible.


RobSaville82 t1_jaekows wrote

Just seems unlikely given they’ve made the move and the iPhone is the last part of it. Why not do it back when the iPad and Mac moved to USB-C. The older iPad, when they used the lightning port were part of the MFi program, but my M2 iPad Pro works with any USB-C device or cable. Think until Apple makes an announcement it seems unlikely personally.


Major_Banana t1_jaenazc wrote

but i look forward to charging my laptop, headphones, tablet and iphone all with the same cable


shigella212 t1_jaey2l4 wrote

Bbk and Xiaomi does it.

But tbf they have tech that justifies it as well.


BigSadOof t1_jackb0f wrote

im leaning more and more towards r/fuckapple every single day


s1lenthundr t1_jae88is wrote

Imagine Mercedes releasing a car that only has full power available that you paid for when you use their super duper AMG gasoline that is 50x more expensive and all it changes from normal gasoline is color. Car recognizes this color and decides how much power to let you use. You are not in control of it. The brand is in control of you and your wallet. And Mercedes would make marketing videos claiming how bad for your car those other pesky gasoline versions from other brands are, and how their own gives so much more power (because they limited others).

This is what Apple will do with USB-C. If you are fine with Apple, you are fine with Mercedes.

Or your printer refusing to print with any other cartridges that are not the $200 ones from their own brand, no matter how good quality the current ink is.

Or your computer not turning on because your electricity provider is not "ASUS certified partner" so it assumes the electricity is not safe to be used and refuses to turn on. And the "partner" is 2x more expensive for the same exact service.

Or your League of Legends not letting you gain ranked points after a match because your $150 mouse is not CERTIFIED FOR LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. You need their $200 mouse, an exact copy of yours just with the word "certified" on it's box.

I can go on. If you are fine with Apple, you are fine with a world like this too.

Don't buy MFi products. Vote with your wallet. Avoid Apple products even, until Apple stops milking you so much.


AllYouNeedIsATV t1_jaet9vr wrote

You can definitely buy cheap MFI certified cables (at least the lightning ones right now). I imagine it’ll be the same for the usb c ones


Notyourfathersgeek t1_jaeg4r5 wrote

I mean they can’t write a driver for every goddamn device in the world.

“Not actively supporting this extra thing” is not the same as “Limiting users from”.

I’m tired of this guesswork, especially from people who know jack shit about implementing hardware I/O from an OS.

BTW, the reason windows support everything is because they allow you to just install a driver, which is also the reason why devices don’t work like 20% of the same.

You want something that always works? That only happens in a closed system.


TyberZ52 t1_jaejrqs wrote

Your view of "You want something that always works? That only happens in a closed system." In relation to peripherals is flawed. There are already wide reaching driver support in open systems such as mainline Linux. You don't need to install (in some cases) any drivers to use the most popular items such as printers, mice, keyboard ect.

"That only happens in a closed system" is only (sometimes) the case when that "closed system" decides what it thinks the user wants is the only way.


Messiah_Knight t1_jacpps4 wrote

Why is apple so stubborn? All they needed to do was change the damn port. But nope! They do that and decide “oh we can’t be the same as everyone else” so they change other BS just to stay “unique”.


1shaggy123 t1_jadcsla wrote

Mfi just means apple gets 15% of the money from the sale of that cable. Not mfi does not mean low quality. It just means they didn't pay apple a cut of something that apple has nothing to do with. Apple is a terribly greedy and predatory company


solex118 t1_jadnln9 wrote

non-MFI lightning cables are shit bro, they do not work the same and if USB-C for iphone is similar it will not be a good time


s1lenthundr t1_jae5279 wrote

Excluse my dozens of extremely high quality and durable and high speed USB-C cables from well known brands that are not MFI certified. Gotta throw them all in the trash, Apple is so ecological damn


solex118 t1_jaea9o1 wrote

Your cables will be fine, but the phone will limit how quickly they charge according to this. That is my beef, you can definitely still use your proper USB-C cables (I have some great ones too)

The thing pissing me off is that Apple will limit the phone to how it can charge or transfer data if they are not MFI


1shaggy123 t1_jae331t wrote

So every USB c made in the past are horrible because apple had not started to certify them yet? USB c cables aren't brand new


solex118 t1_jaea33l wrote

What.... I am talking about the cheap non MFi Lightning cables

The issue with said USB-C is that they will be limited by the PHONE not by the cable. So your iPhone may not charge properly or as quickly etc.