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MarsTaco t1_jab0sdc wrote

It’s bad for your storage


newecreator t1_jab6sn3 wrote

It's not bad per se but you need to be more mindful of your storage because 4K 60 will fill up your storage way faster.


RandomUser132621 t1_jac43s4 wrote

1080 at 30 is the best for everyday use and posting on social media.
Any higher is for ''professional'' use.


1323_ t1_jabxrjv wrote

4K at 60 FPS gives you a lot of flexibility for editing. You can crop in, slow down and still maintain 1080p at 30 FPS.

If you don’t do video editing etc. I would recommend to save the space and stick with 1080p at 30 FPS.


cyanmind t1_jabyr7d wrote

Probable a person asking this question isn’t doing those things. (:

Agreed tho, 1080p 30 looks quite good and has nicer low light handling.


1323_ t1_jabzcue wrote

Imho the 60 FPS just looks too smooth. I loses all that dreamy and cinematic feel.

Cool for editing but as a base setting it’s too weird (imho).


cyanmind t1_jabzfyn wrote

Agree 100%

It’s a reason I said 1080 30 :)


freediverx01 t1_jacey1y wrote

Higher resolution and frame rates will produce higher quality video… provided you’re shooting scenes in bright light. Those higher settings will produce lower quality video in low light situations.


therealPaulPlay t1_jadheof wrote

It will overheat and then explode if you use the highest setting, as it is made for newer iphones, apple purposely did that so you need to buy a new phone in case you do want to use the highest resolution.


OhSixTJ t1_jabap96 wrote

Yes it will destroy your phone please use 480p