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maziar37 t1_ja32cda wrote

It will charge slowly, and it may hurt the IPhones feelings


AxelrateZero t1_ja35lwh wrote

**Apple's feelings


KafkaExploring t1_ja4mf1d wrote

My iPhone's never used an Apple branded charger. Gotta start them off young, so they have the right lifelong expectations.

The "U" in USB stands for "Universal."


imxkal t1_ja5w3ae wrote

Samsung display already did that to iPhones.


YourFatherWhoGotMilk t1_ja37fjx wrote

It is an adapter. Does not matter in the slightest as long as the lead connects the Phone to the adapter.


BigSadOof t1_ja42hmf wrote

The way Apple designs iPhones makes it so using a non Apple certified cable can actually damage the iPhone charging circuit. So I see where they’re coming from


YourFatherWhoGotMilk t1_ja42r9l wrote

Cable and adapter are different things. This is a samsung adapter which only connects the cable to phone and electrical supply. I understand where you're coming from but OP wants to know if adapter is safe, in which it is as long as the apple certified cable fits.


The-Master-Reaper t1_ja4emgf wrote

As long as it’s a genuine Samsung charger it won’t do anything to the battery


GOPFiXXXion t1_ja5bmrk wrote

OP don’t listen to this comment; using a genuine Samsung charger on an iPhone will almost certainly do something to your battery. It’ll charge it.


garrettdx88 t1_ja3ooiq wrote

It'll cause a rift in the space/time continuum


tetenc555 t1_ja3o6px wrote

uai a tomada é do brasil, deve funcionar mas a função de carga rápido não funciona lá muito rapido


Oujii t1_ja3by83 wrote

Sim, Laís. Tá liberado.


dropthemagic t1_ja69t57 wrote

It will transform into an android if you use it too much just be careful


Rose_gold_starz t1_ja3763v wrote

I've been using a Samsung charger with my iPhone for a year with no problems.


Tune_Small t1_ja6cgxs wrote

Of course it will! It’ll charge it….100% of the time….


Clomer t1_ja36vq6 wrote

I wouldn’t be surprised if the internals are identical to the Apple-branded chargers. It will be fine.


Jward92 t1_ja3uto8 wrote

You would be wrong. Maybe a decade ago prior to fast charging technologies, but nowadays there are many different implementations of fast charging. Samsung uses a proprietary tech, apple uses the standard tech called USB Power Delivery.

Chargers will all still work with any phone though at the usb standard of 5 volts.


Drevway t1_ja7fym7 wrote

Samsung also uses PD on the last few gens of flagships at least.


msi7dog t1_ja3avun wrote

the might be an all out war in the cord you better watch out


Mightychallenge t1_ja45pcw wrote

Lol yes. Your phone will stop charging when it’s full like usual(but not recommended to charge to 100%)


bigsmallhands t1_ja7pj9t wrote

Found one of those people who are unnecessarily worried about using their device normally.


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burnorama6969 t1_ja36t29 wrote

Make sure you use proper precautions but you should be fine as long as you’re responsible


gregglesthekeek t1_ja5ptf2 wrote

Hang on a minute. As far as i know, iPhone chargers shears give 5-volts out. The samsung fast charging can go to 9 volts for fast charging. Are we 100% sure?


[deleted] t1_ja33qqy wrote



Thanos0423 t1_ja32n02 wrote

Might experience some lag after every charge