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TWYFAN97 t1_j9uhk0e wrote

That’s odd. What are you using? Constant high brightness, AOD, constant camera use can hit the battery hard. I’m a heavy user and this phone easily lasts me all day, best battery life I’ve had on a phone and I get as much as two days with moderate use.


notthatinnocent69 t1_j9uiim3 wrote

yeah im a super heavy user and ive never had to charge the pro max during the day yet


PeanutButterChicken t1_j9wh295 wrote

This comment never makes sense to me. The 14 Pro Max, with no use at all will be dead by 6pm if I don’t charge it. Standby is awful on this thing


mrchumblie t1_j9wrehl wrote

That isn’t right, there’s probably something wrong the phone or some background apps that are eating into your battery.


Lurknspray2018 t1_j9x5csw wrote

Try a simple fix? Reset the phone completely, only install what you use on a daily basis and see if it makes a difference? The 14 pm really does not need baby sitting in regards to battery life


Kees_Kip t1_j9wjp9f wrote

You probably use that retarded Always on Display.


AppointmentNeat t1_j9uilhb wrote

I actually turned off AOD along with other features. I’ve only used the camera maybe 3 times (I’m not a big camera person and don’t take pictures at all)

Went to work with 100% battery and left with 70%

Thing is, I barely used my phone because I was at work. Occasional messages, checked emails, a few phone calls and that was about it. I used it for basic stuff and I lost 30% within a 8 hour shift.


TWYFAN97 t1_j9ujkv1 wrote

See what’s using the battery in the background could be an app issue, otherwise may be hardware related then.


AppointmentNeat t1_j9ukayo wrote

I’ll look into it.

I’ve watched a few YouTube videos and read a few posts about people having issues with the battery life.