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Hey everyone, I remember reading support regarding this, but my brain fog isn’t helping me with the search tool.

Just got the iPhone 14 Pro and today went on an out-of-this-world outdoor tour with horrible photo results. I know it’s due to the post-capture processing (because the instant capture comes out beautifully, just a second after it turns to crap).

Can I revert these photos to the original camera shot? Or any tips on how I can edit them so as to get them close to OG?

I remember reading about RAW, but unfortunately, remembered too late. Was able to shoot a couple under that setting, but still didn’t do it for me.




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TWYFAN97 t1_j9xbisa wrote

Outdoors especially in daylight you should be having no issues in regards to photo quality. I only run in to processing issues in some low light conditions. Maybe try tweaking photographic styles to your liking or there may be actually something wrong with the hardware itself. I’ve taken over 10K photos since launch and can think of maybe a couple dozen at most primarily at night that I was meh on.

Otherwise it’s an excellent camera. Plus the best video on any phone.


Icy-Election-2237 OP t1_j9xbtlc wrote

Thanks for the reply 🙏🏼. I will try if any edit tweaks work. Unfortunately, they’re very processed :(. I don’t know what’s up. Indeed it were great conditions: outdoor and daylight.

Also, a lot of sharpening and downtone of natural color vibrancy.


TWYFAN97 t1_j9xcnxk wrote

Yeah that’s odd, I’d be complaining myself if I was constantly getting over processed photos especially in daylight conditions. You can mitigate the sharpening by editing the photos but with iPhone it’s supposed to be point and shoot. Also taking Raw shots when you want to capture even more detail comes in handy.

For me standard photographic style has worked best.


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Lurknspray2018 t1_j9x5m87 wrote

Try halide if your budget permits you to use that stupidly overpriced app.


Icy-Election-2237 OP t1_j9x5ypn wrote

Would it work for editing pictures already taken with the stock camera app?


HawkComprehensive877 t1_j9xhdmo wrote

No, unfortunately that won’t work. If you want to try and edit and not want to use the default editing setting in the photo app, use Lightroom for editing. Halide is just a third party camera app. It gives manual controls over the default app. But yes it’s subscription based.