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Louis-grabbing-pills t1_j9reoe9 wrote

"Could" is enough to write an article these days.


one_hyun t1_j9s027x wrote

Yes, Louis... articles can be written by anyone.

Regardless of the credibility, the red looks really nice on the iPhone.


Notyourfathersgeek t1_j9tpdz2 wrote

Could also be pastel mints with dots. I’ll get right on that piece of click bait!


__adrenaline__ t1_j9t2dja wrote

iPhone 15 Pro could also come in holographic silver with tiny shimmering stars on the back


Rudy_A t1_j9rma6q wrote

Hot damn! I’d love a product red iPhone! Hope this makes it through to production


bonvajya t1_j9smc55 wrote

Why are they refusing to give us a decent shade of pink in pro 🥲 Not hot pink, not so light pink it’s practically just rose gold, but nice saturated baby pink. With the same capabilities as the big boy iPhone pros


rursache t1_j9u38q8 wrote

dark red yes please 🙏🏻


rookie_invest t1_j9svnoz wrote

Could be also dark yellow or dark orange for the ultra edition


robwills88 t1_j9tqwc4 wrote

Ah that dance I’ll do around buying a red or blue before going with black like I always do


mmg198643 t1_j9tv3f8 wrote

Maybe like a super dark red almost rust colored. They’ve really never ventured far from their pro models color options because apple feels that dark gray/black, gold and silver/white represent luxury, and then the 4thrandom very dark/light yet colorful (in the right light with the deep purple) for the people that want to be a little different. And of course, around March or April we MAY get a surprise color that will also not be that flashy and usually is released on a certain type of holiday And it will also not be that colorful, dear lord, I believe that emerald green was the ugliest color on an iPhone I’ve seen since the 4C line. All the 4C Models blah


CuteCatBoy69 t1_j9unxda wrote

I want a vivid iPhone Pro. I got the purple and regret the choice because it's impossible to match with anything, but if they came out with some vivid colors or even a rose gold I'd be all over it.


tementnoise t1_j9v40qw wrote

I don’t think you’ll ever see a vivid pro because they keep the colors rather subdued and “professional” versus vivid and playful like you see on the standard models. I mean I have the Sierra Blue and it’s still a pretty mellow color for being basically pastel blue.


CuteCatBoy69 t1_j9velj4 wrote

Yeah but that's lame to be real. I don't want a gimped iPhone but I also don't want a boring iPhone. Wish Apple would do something different.


xSIERRA73x t1_j9u079q wrote

How cool would it be if they made an iPhone15 C Like the 5C we saw years ago.


mmg198643 t1_j9uon92 wrote

Wow, I feel like a idiot. I typed out 4C in my first comment. #DontedityoReddit


Pretty-Security-336 t1_j9u8iii wrote

But it COULD also come in rainbow, yellow, blue and every other imaginable colour/combination you can imagine


mmg198643 t1_j9uqgig wrote

You can literally buy any color housing you want for any iPhone and transfer the guts and display over yourself! Fingers crossed apple doesn’t notice that bright Alpine, green rainbow sparkle shit when ya bring it in for warranty exchange I could’ve are you with them forever I feel like no I’m telling you it came like this out the fucking box it was a special Mr., who’s the boss, YouTube don’t y’all remember running that promotion?!


Gazoo60 t1_j9ubhpi wrote

No green ?!?!😮😤


Dpishkata94 t1_j9v158r wrote

If they make this exactly the same as 12, 13 and 14 would be embarrassing.


CoffeeHead047 t1_j9tfqai wrote

For the love of life, please get rid of glass back and edgy corners.

Sincerely, your average iOS admirer.


PuzzleheadedLion6673 t1_j9tok01 wrote

The glass back is needed for wireless charging


Notyourfathersgeek t1_j9tpkf3 wrote

The back of my 14 pro feels very not glassy, same with the 12 pro. You might be wrong.


CoffeeHead047 t1_j9tu28x wrote

it’s still glass what world are you living in brodaahh


mmg198643 t1_j9upnu7 wrote

you have the excuse the angry fucks here it feels like it’s not glass because with a matte finish, literally make it look and feel metallic.


Notyourfathersgeek t1_j9uyyqd wrote

Very. I’m not saying I know what it is but it doesn’t break and doesn’t feel like glass so it never occurred to me that it could be glass.


CoffeeHead047 t1_j9tufbo wrote

wireless is just not good enough to justify such fragile phone build.


mmg198643 t1_j9updrb wrote

Just give us actual sapphire glass all around! Spend a little apple! Stop paying y’all’s janitorial staff 85k/year. 🤣🤣