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I’m not sure when I started noticing it more, but predictive text was useful before it started to go back and change a word I already established as being fine for the sentence I was typing.



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idavid_berggg t1_j83w2s7 wrote

No you are definitely not imagining things. It’s honestly gotten shockingly bad. It shouldn’t be happening for the price we pay. Usually used to be that there were improvements with each new update but that isn’t the case anymore it seems. The same with Siri if I’m being honest. I’ve honestly been thinking of just disabling predictive text. It’s more of a hassle than anything else these days but I keep hoping for an improvement with each update.


CoryBlk t1_j85vh73 wrote

Check my stand alone comment and you may be surprised!


theartfulcodger t1_j86k0ak wrote

Predictive Textbot: “Chuck my stud along comet, Andy. Yuma bees applied!”


mr_snartypants t1_j842azg wrote

iOS’s automatic text correction is atrocious. It is one glaring issue that seems completely ignored. I do not know what the answer is, but this isn’t it. I miss the OG swype keyboard I used exclusively before moving to iOS. That was, for me, absolutely the hardest part of transitioning from Android to iOS.


wm1178 t1_j86yndj wrote

Download swiftkey keyboard,has swipe


mr_snartypants t1_j883sas wrote

I’ve tried swiftkey in the past. It’s decent, but not as good as Swype was. I was using gboard almost exclusively until iOS integrated swiping in their default keyboard. When I first moved to iOS, you were still forced to use the default keyboard for any passwords/etc. I found that extremely frustrating, once it was built into the default keyboard I just started using it and have stuck with it. The default keyboard, at this point, isn’t awful but the predictive text/autocorrect is truly bad.

Back in the day with Swype, you could pick from multiple keyboard layouts. You could also customize colors and it built up a library of words you would use often. The autocorrect was actually a benefit. iOS will simply change your entire sentence if you aren’t careful. I find that I often have to reread my text input sometimes twice to confirm I’ve typed what I actually intended.


hillandrenko t1_j83zhbe wrote

The autocorrect performance differs between apps. At first I thought it was better for apple apps and everyone else got a downgraded performance but I get 100% correct in Microsoft apps like Words and Outlook, even with lazy dragging, and typing the same stuff in other apps gives me poor results.


TheRavenSayeth OP t1_j8413qk wrote

That’s not something I’ve considered much. Seems like the keyboard has been consistently an issue regardless of the app, but maybe I’m not paying as close attention to it.


do_you_know_math t1_j85qvm0 wrote

You get downvoted because it’s not true. Apple doesn’t allow individual apps to change the keyboard autocorrect.


hillandrenko t1_j874sr1 wrote

You're probably wrong there


do_you_know_math t1_j875yzi wrote

I’m not. I’ve made plenty of iOS apps and it’s not possible, trust me.


owtlowd t1_j88h2tg wrote

It's not possible for you. I wouldn't honestly put anything past Apple.


do_you_know_math t1_j894v8o wrote

Other apps don’t get special permissions to do things to your phone.


owtlowd t1_j89nnef wrote

I’d bet Apple’s own apps do. Don’t know for sure but I think it’s a safe assumption to make.


do_you_know_math t1_j89nrt2 wrote

That’s apples own apps. You were talking about non-apple apps


owtlowd t1_j89o3d1 wrote

I, in fact, was not. I said *you * couldn’t. But Apple probably can.


hillandrenko t1_j8sow95 wrote

Have you considered that even if your premise is true, the keyboard can still behave differently between apple apps and non apple apps. Let's say non apple gets the standard unmodifiable keyboard that you speak of and apple do some invisible to the dev/phone user enhancements to the input behind the scenes in their apps thinking they're making it better and it's these enhancements that fuck up the experience while everyone else gets plain old unvarnished text. As a swipe to type user non apple apps subjectively give a better experience.


CoryBlk t1_j85vexd wrote

You’re not crazy in thinking this! It’s absolutely true. BUT THERES SOMETHING YOU CAN DO TO FIX IT! I’m surprised no one else brought this up yet, and it’s something I do once things get annoying like you’ve described. You can actually reset your keyboard dictionary.

Go to settings-general-reset-reset keyboard dictionary

Voila, problem solved :)


roombaonfire t1_j86yxpd wrote

I feel like I'm blind because I don't see a 'Reset' directory in General...

Edit: oh nvm… it was under one more page called Transfer or Reset iPhone


clari_nette t1_j863f12 wrote

Just gave it a shot and it’s so much better, thanks for this pro tip :)


ViciousKiks t1_j8ayjls wrote

You Rock! I managed to send a simple Text without having to retype a single word, Yaaaasss!!!!!!


-Asylum_ t1_j8ll6d6 wrote

I did this one week ago and it just started to do it again. So annoying!!!


WaurenGames t1_j84rrae wrote

I disabled autocorrect but left predictive text on. This has been much better and it exposes either how bad of a typist I am, or how bad the system is guessing at which key I meant to type.

I use the predictive bar to fill in or correct when it gets it right, or I go back and tap on a word to see if it has the correct replacement.

The main deficiency that caused me to finally disable is what you mentioned - Changing words that were correct when I typed them.

I erase my dictionary from time to time. I made bad puns so I know that does not help the system.

Also based on which keyboard is up, I will get an extra n or @ when I meant to hit space. Disabling autocorrect has really helped me to see these input issues.


Crack_uv_N0on t1_j8441nu wrote

There have been problems with both predictive text and autocorrection for at least 4,years. I turned off both.

When I got a new iPhone, one of the first things I did after it was set up was to turn both off.


infj89 t1_j85weel wrote

That's the one thing I do miss about Android was the keyboard


EnchantedTikiBird t1_j85xuz1 wrote

Switched from android to iOS recently. The keyboard is one of my biggest complaints. Lack of decent predictive text and no numeric keys with alpha. Google keyboard system is much better. Agree with you.


wm1178 t1_j8okeqb wrote

Try swiftkey, can add number row. Definitely better than apple keyboard


EfficientAccident418 t1_j85ij86 wrote

You are not imaging things. It’s terrible. I wish we had an option to choose between their neural engine for typing and the old fashioned on-device dictionary. The dictionary was far more accurate.


Tt31978 t1_j878r3r wrote

I have to constantly retype messages because of this. It’s wasn’t like this a few years ago.


Solivagant4321 t1_j87xm7h wrote

Omg tell me about it, I moved from android the other day and got an iPhone after a very long time and the keyboard is so difficult to use, it just doesn’t have Google’s dictionary and using google keyboard doesn’t fix it


wm1178 t1_j8ok77w wrote

I went to swiftkey, it's a little better.


owtlowd t1_j88gqy0 wrote

The iPhone keyboard has always been bad, but I think it's worse than ever now, to the point that I just send voice messages to my wife instead of trying to text her. I really wish Apple would steal Google's voice-to-text and autocorrect software.


mdmoon2101 t1_j84tern wrote

I thought it was just me


Big_rizzy t1_j85q1aw wrote

For some reason my predictive text is capitalizing the word Don’t and I cannot do anything to stop it.


4u2nv2019 t1_j88au7l wrote

Go to settings, transfer or reset, choose reset, then choose reset keyboard, job done


CupcakeGrouchy5381 t1_j862vup wrote

Like others have said, give gboard a chance. It's pretty dang good imo.


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owtlowd t1_j88heyx wrote

I'm giving this a shot. I figure it can't get any worse than it already is.

I think this doesn't have anything to do with the keyboard though. I think it might just be a dictionary.


DoesGavinDance t1_j86m639 wrote

Predictive text and autocorrection are simply atrocious.


roombaonfire t1_j86yet2 wrote

Been noticing this especially the past week....

Never once had an issue like this when I was on android


impossibleis7 t1_j8805g0 wrote

Yeah the keyboard is god awful. I for the life of me can’t figure why people say, things just work, and when so many key features are broken.


RandyLeRam t1_j85k0n3 wrote

Roll on a proper gboard when apple has to finally allow proper choice.


arcanejee t1_j87yu6n wrote

Me who never uses predictive text because falling down the typo rabbithole is too risky 🗿


4u2nv2019 t1_j88aw7r wrote

Go to settings, transfer or reset, choose reset, then choose reset keyboard, job done


Aceheadhunter t1_j84g2u4 wrote

If you hold your keyboard button it’ll let you navigate your text


_hello_____ t1_j861ygn wrote

This is one of the reasons my next phone will be android based


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inspectorgadgetaudio t1_j869i4x wrote

Just did this will see if it improves. Otherwise I’m going to bite the bullet and try Gboard I think.


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