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RandyLeRam t1_ja94gyh wrote

RAW shouldn’t have processing, however apples proRAW does have some light processing.


Kai-Mon t1_ja95lqq wrote

I hate that Apple tries to sell that as a feature. Like the main reason why I want to shoot raw is because I don’t want a processed photo. It drives me up the wall.


pw5a29 t1_jaaroe5 wrote

you can feel apple is so proud of their own "processing"


Hailbacchus t1_jaava85 wrote

I think the primary benefit of ProRaw processing is computational photography stacking images for noise reduction that ends up superior to post-process noise reduction algorithms. Something I primarily notice in astrophotography. And it's not surprising in a way, given how much computational photography goes into making pictures look good on sensors this small. It becomes much less necessary in daylight photos and just doing straight raw is definitely preferable then if you don't want processing.

That part on sensor size (and quality) leads to the next part that more addresses OP's concern though, which is I've seen it put out there that the 14's biggest problem may actually be the improvement in the sensor - Apple may not have backed off the computational side enough to account for the physical camera improvements, resorting to a similar process as is used on previous cameras that now results in an overprocessed look.

Unfortunately, I don't see that improving - Apple seems to just leave each generation of camera as is, even the software side when they would be perfectly capable of adding features from newer generations of phone to older ones in ios, but just wait for you to buy the newer product instead.