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flickh t1_j8pc1d0 wrote

Who needs this? Is it running the Mars rover command center? Is it managing America's entire nuclear arsenal? Is it replicating Ronald Reagan's brain in realtime? Is it composing Hamlet III?


IronManConnoisseur t1_j8ulfb6 wrote

It is for enterprise.


flickh t1_j8undj4 wrote

"We realize quite well that the Enterprise computer system is definitely overpowered in terms of twentieth-century computing applications. On the other hand, the history of computer technology has shown that each time a faster, more powerful computer becomes available, useful applications quickly follow to take advantage of the new machines, which in turn spurs computer designers to build still more powerful machines. One might expect that such trends will yield enormously powerful computers, which one might reasonably hope may significantly enhance the quality of life, as they apparently do for the men and women of the Enterprise."

- Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual


mellonsticker t1_j8pjwnr wrote

Considering a good portion of Apple's perception is as a status symbol...

That $52,000+ laptop is the ultimate flex.