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Diastolic t1_ja2b0kt wrote

Fully updated, I don’t even have this has a option. So it may only affect certain geographical areas.


Space12892 t1_ja2qnht wrote

US only :( I also don’t have this option Edit: I’m in Poland


Happy_Traveller_2023 t1_ja39bjb wrote

Not for me in Canada


SatanLifeProTips t1_ja47oh5 wrote

Shows up for me in BC. But we are over 96% green power so it would never work anyways.


CrippleSlap t1_ja4w1hm wrote

>Shows up for me in BC.

WTF? I'm in Coquitlam and don't have that option.


ExternalUserError t1_ja35g8m wrote

It shows up for me in Portugal.


tobleroneeater03 t1_ja4cj7a wrote

que zona?


ExternalUserError t1_ja4ddcx wrote

Algarve at the moment.

It's an American-bought iPhone, so maybe that has something to do with it. 🤷‍♂️


tobleroneeater03 t1_ja4xduk wrote

as a portuguese person, can you go to an apple store in the us and buy an iphone, and use it normally in portugal? like one that was bought from here?


ExternalUserError t1_ja5c57g wrote

Yup. Works great. As of the iPhone 14, the US models are eSIM-only though.

Some years there are also differences in frequency bands the radios can operate on. It often depends on the year, but if they can’t design an antenna/radio system that supports every frequency in common use, they’ll offer phones with antenna/radio systems best suited to specific markets.

Even when your device can’t use every local frequency band though, it almost always still works well generally. My 13 Pro Max gets LTE or 5G almost everywhere here. Does it support every frequency that Portuguese carriers use? That I don’t know.


BlackMailerWagen t1_ja45mok wrote

>I’m in Poland

Wouldn't really make a difference considering how much of the Polish grid is powered by coal


Dfndr612 t1_ja4sslb wrote

In the US for me it is a thing, however for newer model iPhones iOS 10 or newer.

Older phones even with the latest update (16.3.1) don’t seem to have it.


Diastolic t1_ja4sy9d wrote

That makes sense as I have an iPhone 13 Pro outside the states.


hhfugrr3 t1_ja5ll0e wrote

It showed up for me in the UK but wouldn’t turn on. Just looked again and it’s disappeared again. So, I guess it is regional and mine isn’t one.