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djhorn18 t1_ja2nvca wrote

Its not necessarily things like solar/wind. Its just when the plant forcasts that its carbon output is going to be lower - probably due to lower overall usage or something.

When you have this option enabled, your phone uses your GPS location to pull data from your local energy generator about their predicted carbon outputs over the next X hours - and uses that information + its ML about your charging habits to determine when it should charge your device.

I don’t know if this information apple pulls is publicly available or not.

Heres the learn more section that appears on your phone near the setting.


FlaaffyPink t1_ja3ew9c wrote

It says “during times of cleaner energy production.” That seems to imply that the production of the energy is cleaner, meaning it’s cleaner on a per-unit basis, not that the total emissions of the grid are lower. This might just be highly misleading language. I would like to see clarification from Apple.


stevejobs7 t1_ja3p5k7 wrote

Can somebody contact apple, see if they clarify?