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mmcdermid t1_ja2ugz6 wrote

If my calculations are right (I’ve been wrong before) - It costs about $0.004 to fully charge an iPhone - isn’t this just greenwashing?


Basmatireis t1_ja307e6 wrote

Multiply that by the amount of active smartphones in the world…


drive2fast t1_ja47z6e wrote

I remember someone did the math on a windows update that caused computers to use like 0.1-0.5% more power and America basically had to do the equivalent of adding another nuclear power plant to handle that extra power.

Little things add up.


RapNVideoGames t1_ja3w5sx wrote

But my phone isn’t charging quick even though I’m usually by a charger


solinvictus21 t1_ja5gt8a wrote

More like, compare that to the REST of your daily carbon footprint.


IcyAnything8396 t1_ja3z87q wrote

But it’s only even available in a few select countries, so what difference is it really making?

Edit: Basically just the US….


D_is_for_Dante t1_ja47niv wrote

Since most people charge their phones over night it doesn’t hurt them if it charged only when clean energy is available.

Would be more interesting to compare that to the additional data transfer caused by the feature.


IcyAnything8396 t1_ja49meo wrote

It doesn’t hurt, no. But it isn’t really doing/saving that much when it’s only available in one region, and some in this thread have even mentioned it being disabled by default.

There are many other, (better), things Apple could do if they really cared about the environment, but I think we all know that.


PM_CTD t1_ja58fiy wrote

A base iPhone 14 is 3,279 mAh. At 120V that's 393.48Wh. National average cost of electricity per kWh is $0.16, so charging an iPhone costs about $0.06. Apple doesn't publish exact sale figures, but we can assume sales at least matched the iPhone 13, take away 10 million because the iPhone 14 is newer, assume about 40% of that is US, and you get about 13 million iPhone 14s in the US.


Theoretically, this saves ~$2,080,000 of energy in the US alone. Factor in other phones and other markets, it can easily save significantly more. Obviously, this is still a drop in the bucket compared to total energy use, but it isn't as insignificant as you might think.


Edit: See replies, did the math wrong. It saves ~$26,00 per day.


crazyk4952 t1_ja6gw8j wrote

> A base iPhone 14 is 3,279 mAh. At 120V that’s 393.48Wh.

Nope. There is no way an iPhone battery holds 393 watt hours of electricity.

It’s more like 12.68 watt hours. See:

I’ll let you redo the math. Needless to say the impact is much, much less.


PM_CTD t1_ja6n4u2 wrote

You're right, sorry. Redoing the math the impact drops to ~$26,000 saved per day. I wouldn't call it nothing, but you're right about it being much, much less.


lukaszzzzzzz t1_ja3dzea wrote

Not a significant difference to grid system, but may raise awareness on when to use home appliances to consume more green energy


_masterhand t1_ja3fc8g wrote

I vow to not emit tons of carbon emissions by creating coal power plants or contaminating the ocean with petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico.

This "people need to reduce their carbon emissions" is the worst astroturf I've seen from massive corpos that dump chemicals to rivers and pollute the environment.


lukaszzzzzzz t1_ja3lgge wrote

If any company can just dump the oil to the ocean, why there’s so many green energy sources, more than ever? The industry sector consumes around 1/3 of overall energy, where did the rest go? If people demand more green energy and consume it whenever there’s enough supply (or more, e.g. In a windy day) of it in the grid system, then we can solve the problem of expensive power banks.


JohnnyRebe1 t1_ja3u72c wrote

An iPhone charging feature that 90% of people don’t even know exists, is not going to raise awareness of anything.


_masterhand t1_ja3uvua wrote

BP did dump oil to the Gulf of Mexico. Green energy sources have to do nothing with it. You jumped from contamination to power grid taln when nobody was talking about that.


LIVE4MINT t1_ja5k4oy wrote

I think, 5M loss in year if every phone in world will use only green power will be more valuable


Bay101Casino t1_ja8cs0s wrote

Little things add up.

Learn how to think critically sometimes. Very useful skill.


somegummybears t1_ja3u4xi wrote

For a company as large as Apple, this would make a measurable difference. Of course, it’s not going to solve climate change or whatever.