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MVPizzle t1_ja3foqf wrote

This option only charges slower during 1am-5am. The faux outrage here is actually hilarious


MrMaleficent t1_jaecx3f wrote

That’s not true.

Your iPhone will charge slower depending on when your geographical area's power grid has the most carbon usage. That could be 1-5am, but not necessarily.

Edit: Some research showed most carbon energy is produced during the day, so the situation is the exact opposite of what you're saying. Iphones with this setting will be charging more slowly during the day.


soulman901 t1_ja96qvd wrote

How is it fake outrage? Apple is now trying to act as an enforcer when it comes to charging our devices. So if my phone drops to 25% due to me needing to use my device and I put it on the charger I expect it to charge. I shouldn’t have to go through hoops to charge my device over some supposed concern about how my electricity was produced. If Apple was really concerned about the environment they would design their products with re-usability and upgradability in mind. Like they used to do before Tim Cook took over. Need more storage or Ram on your MacBook? Too bad buy a new one. This is Hypocrisy.