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lukaszzzzzzz t1_ja3lgge wrote

If any company can just dump the oil to the ocean, why there’s so many green energy sources, more than ever? The industry sector consumes around 1/3 of overall energy, where did the rest go? If people demand more green energy and consume it whenever there’s enough supply (or more, e.g. In a windy day) of it in the grid system, then we can solve the problem of expensive power banks.


JohnnyRebe1 t1_ja3u72c wrote

An iPhone charging feature that 90% of people don’t even know exists, is not going to raise awareness of anything.


_masterhand t1_ja3uvua wrote

BP did dump oil to the Gulf of Mexico. Green energy sources have to do nothing with it. You jumped from contamination to power grid taln when nobody was talking about that.