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They know their market & things that make people mass switch for their new stuff. Maybe someone with an 8 has been holding off to upgrade but will upgrade to a 15 be where of usbc, along with the audience that already upgrades every year or every other year. By staggering out features with an already dedicated customer base, they maintain growth & attract new customers who switch because “Apple adapted xyz feature that was keeping me away from their devices”.

It’s about audience churning for the business and so far they’ve been keeping a steady growth. Also how would usbc help the environment? Is it more eco friendly or something? (If so, I’m unaware of that)

Everyone with androids wants like an award or something for having a phone that already had usbc but the thing is - whenever Apple does something it makes bigger news. Samsung has a keynote but it’s not nearly as popular as apples.


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Creating less waste. That way people don't have to use two cables. Even other apple products use USB-C. Also why you writing essays simping for a billion dollar company. It's not an Android vs Apple thing. USB-C would be a consumer friendly move having all devices use the same port and also creating less waste.


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It’s not simping lol it’s facts. You said you don’t know why they didn’t switch sooner and I’m telling you it’s cuz of business and profit 😅

Have you even met the US? It’s a crazy over-consumption market.