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ExternalUserError t1_ja4ddcx wrote

Algarve at the moment.

It's an American-bought iPhone, so maybe that has something to do with it. 🤷‍♂️


tobleroneeater03 t1_ja4xduk wrote

as a portuguese person, can you go to an apple store in the us and buy an iphone, and use it normally in portugal? like one that was bought from here?


ExternalUserError t1_ja5c57g wrote

Yup. Works great. As of the iPhone 14, the US models are eSIM-only though.

Some years there are also differences in frequency bands the radios can operate on. It often depends on the year, but if they can’t design an antenna/radio system that supports every frequency in common use, they’ll offer phones with antenna/radio systems best suited to specific markets.

Even when your device can’t use every local frequency band though, it almost always still works well generally. My 13 Pro Max gets LTE or 5G almost everywhere here. Does it support every frequency that Portuguese carriers use? That I don’t know.