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PM_CTD t1_ja58fiy wrote

A base iPhone 14 is 3,279 mAh. At 120V that's 393.48Wh. National average cost of electricity per kWh is $0.16, so charging an iPhone costs about $0.06. Apple doesn't publish exact sale figures, but we can assume sales at least matched the iPhone 13, take away 10 million because the iPhone 14 is newer, assume about 40% of that is US, and you get about 13 million iPhone 14s in the US.


Theoretically, this saves ~$2,080,000 of energy in the US alone. Factor in other phones and other markets, it can easily save significantly more. Obviously, this is still a drop in the bucket compared to total energy use, but it isn't as insignificant as you might think.


Edit: See replies, did the math wrong. It saves ~$26,00 per day.


crazyk4952 t1_ja6gw8j wrote

> A base iPhone 14 is 3,279 mAh. At 120V that’s 393.48Wh.

Nope. There is no way an iPhone battery holds 393 watt hours of electricity.

It’s more like 12.68 watt hours. See:

I’ll let you redo the math. Needless to say the impact is much, much less.


PM_CTD t1_ja6n4u2 wrote

You're right, sorry. Redoing the math the impact drops to ~$26,000 saved per day. I wouldn't call it nothing, but you're right about it being much, much less.