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RonSwazy OP t1_ja1myu6 wrote

It is turned on by default after updating.

You can change this setting under Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging.


Diastolic t1_ja2b0kt wrote

Fully updated, I don’t even have this has a option. So it may only affect certain geographical areas.


djhorn18 t1_ja2nvca wrote

Its not necessarily things like solar/wind. Its just when the plant forcasts that its carbon output is going to be lower - probably due to lower overall usage or something.

When you have this option enabled, your phone uses your GPS location to pull data from your local energy generator about their predicted carbon outputs over the next X hours - and uses that information + its ML about your charging habits to determine when it should charge your device.

I don’t know if this information apple pulls is publicly available or not.

Heres the learn more section that appears on your phone near the setting.


Ok_Good3255 t1_ja2p9hv wrote

That’s the first thing I turned off in iOS 16.1.


ToffeeCoffee t1_ja2qavp wrote

I'm all for saving the planet, but of all the dumb things ... this is pretty dumb.

Generally when you plug in to charge your phone, you NEED to charge your phone.


mmcdermid t1_ja2ugz6 wrote

If my calculations are right (I’ve been wrong before) - It costs about $0.004 to fully charge an iPhone - isn’t this just greenwashing?


LastOf718 t1_ja2xe34 wrote

It’s on but has never been engaged. Gonna leave it on because of that.


mdroz81 t1_ja323lh wrote

I don’t recall being charged less for the ‘clean’ electricity


blubluebleu t1_ja32sjw wrote

Mine charged this way last night. It happens once in a while, but not very often. It’s shows a notification that clean-optimized charging is being used.


-K9V t1_ja33zjx wrote

I hate when Apple adds new settings and enables them by default without any warning or notification about it. Like when they added optimized charging to AirPods, it was extremely annoying that my AirPods would only charge to 80% before I picked them up and left. No information or warning about this setting being enabled automatically, or even that they had added such a setting. Fortunately, I don’t have this “clean energy charging” setting on my phone.

Why’d this get downvoted lol? It’s pretty normal to not like unannounced changes on your personal device.


BigSadOof t1_ja37uor wrote

My guess would be that the extra power needed to power the phone to make the calculations is greater than the amount of CO2 that is saved from being thrown into the atmosphere


snowace56 t1_ja3dlfk wrote

Literally all this does is limit charging during the day. The iPhone doesn’t know if your home is running solar or not. It doesn’t know if your iPhone is charging in your Tesla. No matter what, energy takes resources. The US grid is predominantly coal so this really does nothing. I turned it off immediately. When I need juice in my phone I need it immediately


FlaaffyPink t1_ja3ew9c wrote

It says “during times of cleaner energy production.” That seems to imply that the production of the energy is cleaner, meaning it’s cleaner on a per-unit basis, not that the total emissions of the grid are lower. This might just be highly misleading language. I would like to see clarification from Apple.


Holiday_Beautiful_92 t1_ja3ezfw wrote

I am on iOS 16.3 and have these turned on. Noticed that my mobile always notify me that it will fully charge around 1:00a. I live in Illinois…


CraziestPenguin t1_ja3ezuj wrote

This is the dumbest feature in the history of the iPhone.


_masterhand t1_ja3fc8g wrote

I vow to not emit tons of carbon emissions by creating coal power plants or contaminating the ocean with petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico.

This "people need to reduce their carbon emissions" is the worst astroturf I've seen from massive corpos that dump chemicals to rivers and pollute the environment.


MVPizzle t1_ja3foqf wrote

This option only charges slower during 1am-5am. The faux outrage here is actually hilarious


lukaszzzzzzz t1_ja3lgge wrote

If any company can just dump the oil to the ocean, why there’s so many green energy sources, more than ever? The industry sector consumes around 1/3 of overall energy, where did the rest go? If people demand more green energy and consume it whenever there’s enough supply (or more, e.g. In a windy day) of it in the grid system, then we can solve the problem of expensive power banks.


newecreator t1_ja3m7yv wrote

My iPhone 14 charges normally even though this is turned on. Maybe my area uses renewables but I'm not sure.


phulton t1_ja3pom8 wrote

I’m on hydro electric, I’m pretty sure it’s always green but I could be wrong.


techris t1_ja3ql5j wrote

This seems backwards if it’s 1-5am. That’s when there’s usually excess energy on the grid and when you DO want to charge things.


Colonel_Sandman t1_ja3qq47 wrote

I bet this was all Bono’s idea, like that free U2 album.


cristalisboringg t1_ja3qrdp wrote

Hmm. I don’t have that.. I’m on iOS 16.3.1 and in NYC , is that only for iOS 16.1?


WhopperTopper143 t1_ja3u4u0 wrote

So dumb especially since there's other things Apple could that could help the environment like switch over to USB-C.


RamunePOPtookmyname t1_ja3vhvf wrote

I’m a little slow, but how does this actually work? Like when I plug it in an outlet, how does it know when solar or wind energy is being used or available? Modern technology blows my mind man.


lolz_lmaos t1_ja3vwfu wrote

How does the iPhone now where the electricity that's ised to charge it coming from?


Bacon-80 t1_ja3xip1 wrote

It must have something to do with a combination of your location (background location services/gps + the date/time settings for your phone) and whatever energy grid info it can pull to make an educated guess for electricity in your area 🤷🏻‍♀️

Not sure entirely how it works but that’s my guess 😅


kushmaester t1_ja45axm wrote

So since I live in Kentucky my phone will never charge, right? /s


Literary_Lava t1_ja45ocb wrote

How would it know where the power is coming from ? The socket is the same right ?


BlackMailerWagen t1_ja45un2 wrote

I've just been doing this manually for my phone and laptop. I charge during the day at home when our solar panels are producing electricity, and I refrain from charging at night when most of the grid is powered by gas.


Bacon-80 t1_ja45zvw wrote

They know their market & things that make people mass switch for their new stuff. Maybe someone with an 8 has been holding off to upgrade but will upgrade to a 15 be where of usbc, along with the audience that already upgrades every year or every other year. By staggering out features with an already dedicated customer base, they maintain growth & attract new customers who switch because “Apple adapted xyz feature that was keeping me away from their devices”.

It’s about audience churning for the business and so far they’ve been keeping a steady growth. Also how would usbc help the environment? Is it more eco friendly or something? (If so, I’m unaware of that)

Everyone with androids wants like an award or something for having a phone that already had usbc but the thing is - whenever Apple does something it makes bigger news. Samsung has a keynote but it’s not nearly as popular as apples.


D_is_for_Dante t1_ja47niv wrote

Since most people charge their phones over night it doesn’t hurt them if it charged only when clean energy is available.

Would be more interesting to compare that to the additional data transfer caused by the feature.


drive2fast t1_ja47z6e wrote

I remember someone did the math on a windows update that caused computers to use like 0.1-0.5% more power and America basically had to do the equivalent of adding another nuclear power plant to handle that extra power.

Little things add up.


IcyAnything8396 t1_ja49meo wrote

It doesn’t hurt, no. But it isn’t really doing/saving that much when it’s only available in one region, and some in this thread have even mentioned it being disabled by default.

There are many other, (better), things Apple could do if they really cared about the environment, but I think we all know that.


WhopperTopper143 t1_ja4ai63 wrote

Creating less waste. That way people don't have to use two cables. Even other apple products use USB-C. Also why you writing essays simping for a billion dollar company. It's not an Android vs Apple thing. USB-C would be a consumer friendly move having all devices use the same port and also creating less waste.


Bacon-80 t1_ja4brg2 wrote

It’s not simping lol it’s facts. You said you don’t know why they didn’t switch sooner and I’m telling you it’s cuz of business and profit 😅

Have you even met the US? It’s a crazy over-consumption market.


BarcaLad9 t1_ja4m3z1 wrote

Does it really make that difference? iPhone uses about 1 kwh to power up for a whole year. To put that into perspective, that’s the amount of electricity you’d need to power ten 100-watt incandescent lightbulbs for an hour.

This is purely a PR move. Might as well have made it a dummy button and no one would’ve batted an eye.

Edit: power up 1 year = fully drain the battery and re-charge it everyday.


BarcaLad9 t1_ja4msid wrote

One guy driving back to McDonalds cuz they forget their fries would basically emit all of the CO2 saved by this initiative. If not more. iPhones literally require 1 kwh to be recharged fully everyday for a whole year.


Sweaty-Toes5 t1_ja4tgxc wrote

Alright here’s my question. How does it know when clean energy is being used? It’s not like the outlet tells the phone what source the power is coming from…


Sweaty-Toes5 t1_ja4tica wrote

Alright here’s my question. How does it know when clean energy is being used? It’s not like the outlet tells the phone what source the power is coming from…


SmokeyFrank t1_ja512uj wrote

I’m seeing it on an 8Plus. And I see it’s turned on by default.


PM_CTD t1_ja58fiy wrote

A base iPhone 14 is 3,279 mAh. At 120V that's 393.48Wh. National average cost of electricity per kWh is $0.16, so charging an iPhone costs about $0.06. Apple doesn't publish exact sale figures, but we can assume sales at least matched the iPhone 13, take away 10 million because the iPhone 14 is newer, assume about 40% of that is US, and you get about 13 million iPhone 14s in the US.


Theoretically, this saves ~$2,080,000 of energy in the US alone. Factor in other phones and other markets, it can easily save significantly more. Obviously, this is still a drop in the bucket compared to total energy use, but it isn't as insignificant as you might think.


Edit: See replies, did the math wrong. It saves ~$26,00 per day.


20InMyHead t1_ja59g74 wrote

From Apples site about it…

> your iPhone gets a forecast of the carbon emissions in your local energy grid and uses it to charge your iPhone during times of cleaner energy production.

However since it’s based on the gird, if you have solar on your home like I do, it seems like it would be less useful.


ExternalUserError t1_ja5c57g wrote

Yup. Works great. As of the iPhone 14, the US models are eSIM-only though.

Some years there are also differences in frequency bands the radios can operate on. It often depends on the year, but if they can’t design an antenna/radio system that supports every frequency in common use, they’ll offer phones with antenna/radio systems best suited to specific markets.

Even when your device can’t use every local frequency band though, it almost always still works well generally. My 13 Pro Max gets LTE or 5G almost everywhere here. Does it support every frequency that Portuguese carriers use? That I don’t know.


AdAdventurous9838 t1_ja5dmry wrote

I guess mine will never charge then since my power comes from nuclear.


Lunky7711 t1_ja5ggca wrote

When billionaires stop flying private and scale down to owning no more than 4 homes and when India and China start complying with national climate agreements then I'll slow down the charging of my battery. Until then [Off].


4fswmp t1_ja5hsmq wrote

I have it and I turned it off.


4fswmp t1_ja5iboq wrote

FYI, my iPad doesn’t have the setting, but my phones do.


RedBirdsFly t1_ja5sjpn wrote

I was wondering why my new phone wasn’t charging as fast. Thank you very much.

Also. I’m getting really tired of having absurdly ridiculous “clean” energy rules forced upon me.

I’m going to start by voting with my money. Next up. Canceling recycling.


ej1033 t1_ja5uty5 wrote

How do they even know what was made from clean energy and not?


blkrfl556 t1_ja5xvzt wrote

Thanks for this. It’s off now.


crazyk4952 t1_ja6hifd wrote

Does this mean that my phone won’t charge when connected to my car charger since the electricity was generated using gasoline?


StormDue6579 t1_ja6hlpe wrote

I turned it on. Doing my part to make this a better world. One charge at a time.


Odd_Imagination_ t1_ja750y6 wrote

So what will happen if you try to charge it without clean energy? Will it charge slowly or won't charge at all?


msbabc t1_ja77wpq wrote

If you ever wonder whether Reddit is full of ignorant children…


soulman901 t1_ja96qvd wrote

How is it fake outrage? Apple is now trying to act as an enforcer when it comes to charging our devices. So if my phone drops to 25% due to me needing to use my device and I put it on the charger I expect it to charge. I shouldn’t have to go through hoops to charge my device over some supposed concern about how my electricity was produced. If Apple was really concerned about the environment they would design their products with re-usability and upgradability in mind. Like they used to do before Tim Cook took over. Need more storage or Ram on your MacBook? Too bad buy a new one. This is Hypocrisy.


mishko27 t1_jaans0s wrote

This. I am a progressive as fuck millennial, I’m all for almost anything that helps the planet. But when I am at 40% battery and my phone charges by 3% in an hour before going out, it pisses me off. Just found out about it and turned it off.


MrMaleficent t1_jaec0yr wrote

Your iPhone doesn’t distinguish where the power is coming from right? It just checks your gps?

So if your iPhone is plugged into a car or portable outlet it would just be charging worse with no benefit?


MrMaleficent t1_jaecx3f wrote

That’s not true.

Your iPhone will charge slower depending on when your geographical area's power grid has the most carbon usage. That could be 1-5am, but not necessarily.

Edit: Some research showed most carbon energy is produced during the day, so the situation is the exact opposite of what you're saying. Iphones with this setting will be charging more slowly during the day.


DctrGizmo t1_jaeg97l wrote

I had my iPhone on MagSafe overnight and it didn’t charge at all. Checked my battery setting and it was being charged to around 5% all night long. I turned it off and it’s charging fine now. I hate these dumb environmental claims Apple makes when we can’t repair AirPods.