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imcaptainsunshine OP t1_j9v0cim wrote

It was locked but when I looked at it from the list of phones on my AppleID, it said that phone can get Apple ID verification codes. When it was stolen, I had apple help me remove it from my account. So I don't know what happened.


AstronautMindless873 t1_j9v0wfh wrote

Well I hope for your sake the Apple employee had any clue what he was doing and blocked+wiped the device. If it wasn’t wiped and the thief got somehow access to it, your data may be compromised so just to be sure change your password and make sure you have 2 step verification.

Other then this there’s not much you can do and what’s done is done, delete it from your account again and forget about it.


imcaptainsunshine OP t1_j9v2d7s wrote

Thank you. Yeah, I did all I can both times. Whatever happens, happens and I’ll handle it. I actually forgot about it til today. Hahaha. So I will forget again.