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quiqk0 t1_j7tekxw wrote

Really? From what I’ve heard from my 2 friends who owned a 5C (both green, interestingly), they only have fond memoried of it and and would not come close assessing it as the worst they’ve had


newecreator t1_j7t5yng wrote

It's not the worst iPhone. It was just a commercial failure.


WrenFGun t1_j7t9qll wrote

I never had a problem with them. I think we got offered an early upgrade at the time to the 5c for 99 dollars each. Given the long term reliability of Apple devices I jumped at it, and they served us well for years.

I think I’m a vacuum they look horrible compared to the 5s but as Apple has done occasionally, it allowed them to sell the 5c cheaply.


cr0wit0 t1_j7t9hqk wrote

Oh lord. I bough my 2 sons the 5c .. because they wanted a green and a blue one. On both of them, the radio went out.. exchanged at Apple Store. Then one had a wifi problem and the other couldn’t maintain time (the clock will say other time and date randomly). Exchanged both at Apple Store. Then radio again, one cellular failure and the other one didn’t like the sunlight… it will dim to the lowest to the point you couldn’t see the screen. Exchange both for the 5s which they lasted all the way to the iPhone XR without problems. That was 6 iphones 5c full of failures.


The_Eternal_Wayfarer t1_j7tnuyf wrote

Because bad sales.

It wasn’t that bad, on the contrary it was meant to be the “commercial” iPhone 5 (colourful, made of plastic instead of steel and glass, a bit cheaper if I remember correctly).

It just sold badly.


Benoit_85 t1_j7tp8vi wrote

I had two 5c’s when they were first out, first one had a massive gap between the screen and plastic case so swapped it over. Second one had exactly the same problem, complained and they upgraded me to a 5s instead which was perfect. Shame as I really liked the look of the 5c but build quality just seemed hit and miss.


Variant-C137 t1_j7vdoae wrote

I always thought 5C kind of looked cool...


LOUDSUCC t1_j82hy5t wrote

It was an iPhone 5 in a plastic unibody. Compared to the actual iPhone 5 and the 5s, it felt kind of weird, slightly thicker, and heavier. Thin phones were the rage at the time, and personally the 5s felt better to hold. I really disliked my 5c. It launched with iOS7 as well, and I was still in the iOS6 camp. If I hadn’t received it as a gift, I would’ve found a way to get an iPhone 5 instead.


Shiningc t1_j7u7fcs wrote

Last gen specs, plastic exterior, no TouchID for only $100 cheaper. You might as well just get a normal iPhone 5.

Ironic that iPhone 14 has last gen CPU…