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beaner_town04 OP t1_j9xi8c8 wrote


ToffeeCoffee t1_j9xj4h4 wrote

It needs to be restored, might be a stolen phone that got wiped. If you buy it as it is, and restore it you might find that it's activation locked to the previous owner's appleid, and you will be left with an expensive brick.

If so seller will probably be, the phone is just fine, you just have to restore it in iTunes. blah blah blah


beaner_town04 OP t1_j9xj7a0 wrote

ok thanks yea i wont buy


paulstelian97 t1_j9xvfry wrote

If the seller restores the phone and gets you past the activation lock screen (IN PERSON) then feel free to buy the phone. Otherwise you'd just buy a brick.


Robertbnyc t1_j9z24uj wrote

If it was not stolen, the seller would have unlocked it so that he can get the most money for it. Since he’s selling it like this as is, it’s very shady.