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FeelsAmazingManGun OP t1_j9lywkx wrote

Okay did you see the issue with my video?


TWYFAN97 t1_j9lz743 wrote

That’s why I made the comment, not normal and needs to be addressed. Zooming should be pretty seamless and zero blur.


FeelsAmazingManGun OP t1_j9m3icp wrote

Okay thanks I’ll take it to an Apple Store


andrep182 t1_ja24b3g wrote

Hey man, did you get a chance to talk to somebody in apple store? Curious what they said. My wife's iphone 14 pro is doing the same thing.... Very annoying


FeelsAmazingManGun OP t1_ja35gbv wrote

No it’s was super busy I’m going to try to go on Monday. It’s crappy because everyone is downvoting me and I have no clue why when I showed a video of evidence