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I'm currently saving up for an Iphone and should have it by march ; ) But anyways to you Iphone users, I need your opinion. Should i get a case for it or not? I mean I know the new Iphone models are pretty strong and sturdy and even water proof but I'm not sure, should i get a case for it as well just to be on the safe side



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mobyhead1 t1_j96zs5z wrote

I’ve owned several models of iPhone (3G, 4, 5s, 6s, 8), encased all of them, dropped each multiple times, even on concrete—and never broken a single one. You need a case.

The fronts and backs of iPhones are glass, and glass can still break when struck hard enough.


RoadtoPS5 OP t1_j979kek wrote

so in other words, the newer models aren't as sturdy as they appear in the ads?


mobyhead1 t1_j97bpmi wrote

Can you point me to a specific claim of sturdiness in an ad?

All smart phones that have Qi charging (which is practically all of them, including the version of Qi charging Apple calls “MagSafe”) will have to have either a glass or plastic back so the magnetic field of the charger can “couple” to the coil in the back of the phone to transfer power to it. It’s inescapable.


finjassauer t1_j972w87 wrote

I’ve been using my iPhone 13 Pro without a case for about 1.5 years now, I just put one on when traveling or doing other things where I feel like it’s more likely that I’m gonna drop it. It still looks like new apart from a few scratches on the front glass and on the frame. I’d still recommend buying a case to use in some situations.


robertodurian t1_j976pwg wrote

Get a case. They personalise your phone as well as giving it some protection. Cases these days make the phone more grippy and are quite slim so not adding much bulk to the overall size. No good reason not to use a case if you have the cash to buy one.


RoadtoPS5 OP t1_j97a4bk wrote

Hmmmm, alright you guys convinced me, I'll get a case for it as well just to be on the safe side. Cause the last thing I want is for the screen and sides to end up like my Lg XD


aghend75 t1_j97f26b wrote

I have AppleCare + on my iPhone 13 Pro Max but I still use a case. I always have. I will only use one type of case OtterBox. The Defender. I have had my phones fall off roofs, been thrown across a room, stepped on, etc. They have always been fine. Except once. Ran over my X with a lawn mower. Apple care sent me a new one. So I recommend both. It’s worth it to protect your money.


TAbramson15 t1_j9a1ysj wrote

I don’t wanna jinx you and I know it’s still technically possible, but I think the defender and applecare combined is overkill lol.. I’m a landscaper, constantly working in harsh environment and situations and when I’ve had my phone in an otterbox it has survived literally everything. Never broke one in an otterbox yet. It’s landed on pavement, uneven stone beds, in dirt, off the back of a 7 foot dump truck with me holding it higher than the 7 feet while standing in the back of it, my phones have been through the ringer in my line of work and the otterbox itself didn’t even have damage let alone the phone lol. I wouldn’t cancel the apple care, but running an otterbox seems over kill if you have it insured lol.. I mean even if you shattered the front and the back at the same time, it would cost basically the same price as an otterbox is since the repairs are $29 for each glass panel lol. Hell some otterbox’s you’d spend less repairing the phone than you would buying an otterbox lol. Plus they changed the policy and you have unlimited claims now in applecare so you could run the phone nude and get it fixed unlimited times for cheap. To me that’s less than I used to spend on cases each year. Especially since it’s hardly ever dropped. Hell I used to drop my phones more in a case than without one cause I was more careless. But to each their own haha. Doomsday phone prep to your hearts desires friend. 😅


DiscussionLeft2855 t1_j97sivx wrote

ALWAYS GET A CASE! Get a clear case if you wanna flaunt the phone.


mendel_gerkin t1_j97umvn wrote

I literally just dropped my phone on cement—it had a case on it, and I was glad it did.


QuantumFuzziness t1_j97zxxz wrote

Check out the price of repairs or replacing the device in the event that you do drop it and that should give you your answer.


RatRob t1_j984zua wrote

It’s $800. I had a Spigen Tough Armor case and glass screen protector delivered before I even got the phone.

She’s taking some hard hits and falls and the case ate all the damage.


karl773 t1_j98r094 wrote

Case all the way. Protects phone, personalizes, can proved grip and depending on which case you get, it can also allow phone to lay flat


[deleted] t1_j99q8zj wrote

Just get a case and close this case. Cheers🤘


_bazinga_____ t1_j99tccj wrote

if u are saving up for iPhone, get a case.


badg0re t1_j9a0aj9 wrote

If you can’t hold your phone in your hands and dropping it is usual thing for you then definitely you need a case, like my gf, but if you like me and your phone can be dropped only from hands of others than don’t buy a case and don’t give your phone to those who will likely drop it, show it from your hands. It’s pretty easy


Some-Term2499 t1_j9a8oek wrote

Money doesn’t grow in tree so get a case . Probably parents way of advising


teddfox t1_j9aufhp wrote

I have rugged a case, just to make the phone bigger! I have bigger hands and putting a case on the phone helps reduce the thumb typos for me as well as comfort. Odd yes, but works for me.


pwnedkiller t1_j9b1te2 wrote

Get Applecare+ and let you’re worries float away.


BigSadOof t1_j9fxau8 wrote

If you’re saving up for it month by month that means you probably can’t afford to repair it. Get a damn case and screen protector


RoadtoPS5 OP t1_j9hfhpl wrote

I'm not broke if that's what your applying. i have a pretty decent amount in my bank account, it's just that I have a tendency to put certain items that I want off as I have other important inquires such as bills, necessities, etc. Plus I now think that a protective case would work much better instead of taking it to a Apple repair shop if it ever gets cracked and having to wait a few days till it's finished.


Sorry i hope i wasn't sounding rude.