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aghend75 t1_j97f26b wrote

I have AppleCare + on my iPhone 13 Pro Max but I still use a case. I always have. I will only use one type of case OtterBox. The Defender. I have had my phones fall off roofs, been thrown across a room, stepped on, etc. They have always been fine. Except once. Ran over my X with a lawn mower. Apple care sent me a new one. So I recommend both. It’s worth it to protect your money.


TAbramson15 t1_j9a1ysj wrote

I don’t wanna jinx you and I know it’s still technically possible, but I think the defender and applecare combined is overkill lol.. I’m a landscaper, constantly working in harsh environment and situations and when I’ve had my phone in an otterbox it has survived literally everything. Never broke one in an otterbox yet. It’s landed on pavement, uneven stone beds, in dirt, off the back of a 7 foot dump truck with me holding it higher than the 7 feet while standing in the back of it, my phones have been through the ringer in my line of work and the otterbox itself didn’t even have damage let alone the phone lol. I wouldn’t cancel the apple care, but running an otterbox seems over kill if you have it insured lol.. I mean even if you shattered the front and the back at the same time, it would cost basically the same price as an otterbox is since the repairs are $29 for each glass panel lol. Hell some otterbox’s you’d spend less repairing the phone than you would buying an otterbox lol. Plus they changed the policy and you have unlimited claims now in applecare so you could run the phone nude and get it fixed unlimited times for cheap. To me that’s less than I used to spend on cases each year. Especially since it’s hardly ever dropped. Hell I used to drop my phones more in a case than without one cause I was more careless. But to each their own haha. Doomsday phone prep to your hearts desires friend. 😅