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nobody-yesbuddy t1_ja188o7 wrote

I can’t imagine how these responses will lean in an iPhone sub. You can probably find hundreds of comparisons on YouTube and at least ten from well known reviewers.


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AptYes t1_ja2koeg wrote

Me too. Worst of the 5 wireless headphones I’ve had. Easy to lose, they don’t fit snugly in every ear (okay in my right, never stays for long in my left due to slightly different ear canal shape). The charging case is nice, so it has that going for it. Sound is not bad, but not great either. I prefer earbuds that create at least a little bit of a seal to keep outside bleed from coming through.


TheBryanArias t1_ja2v4yq wrote

What about AirPods Pro?


AptYes t1_ja2w7ej wrote

Never tried those, but they look like they’d stay in place much better with the rubber/silicone tips. I’ll try a pair when I get a chance.


ryguy_ftw t1_ja2xkgz wrote

Sounds like this is the answer for them honestly.


Naners36 t1_ja4grvh wrote

Mine died after 2 yrs. I was very disappointed


TheBryanArias t1_ja5nmuu wrote

Do you recommend getting a pair? No offense meant, but do you consider yourself someone who is not careful with their tech devices? Or is it just that AirPods are not meant to last long? I am debating between getting the AirPods Pro 2 or some Sony/Bose/Sennheiser