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lucasyamamoto t1_ja1a3zk wrote

I think this would be a question for r/AirPods. But let me answer it in here anyway.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, probably AirPods are the best choice you could make. It’s not because just of the sound quality. The connectivity is really handy and it makes so much easier to just open the box, plug them into your ears and just to start your meeting, or to listen some music, etc etc etc. And I use the AirPods Pro 1st Gen and they are really comfortable in my opinion. I use them the entire day and don’t even feel them in my ears. But they are more expensive than their real value to be honest. As an example, the Galaxy Ear Buds from Samsung have all these benefits but it’s cheaper…

There are options you could use with your iPhone. The Nothing Ear 1, the Google Pixel Buds and even the Galaxy EarBuds. You should look for YouTube reviews for each one of them. They will all work fine with your iPhone, as a regular Bluetooth ear phone. But if you want convenience too, AirPods is they way to go.


JayWnr t1_ja2594c wrote

This. Let’s be honest here most are on average, average. Convenient connectivity beats a few decibal of sounds when you can’t care to tell the difference. It just fits so well into the Apple ecosystem and adds to the seamlessness of using multiple devices. Quality of life > over quality of product.


Professional-Ad-9071 t1_ja3ecf3 wrote

What about Powerbeats pro?


lucasyamamoto t1_ja3jt16 wrote

It is an Apple product, so I think it has all these benefits. I cannot argue about this one because I never had one. But it might be an option. Seeing the MKBHD review about Power Beats Pro it seems to have all these AirPods features including the convenience that I mentioned before… worth to check…


reds91185 t1_ja3tamp wrote

I have AirPods and Powerbeats Pro and use them for different purposes. AirPods for general listening to music, podcasts, and zoom meetings. Powerbeats Pro used for walking, working in the yard, etc.

I love them both. I also have used other brands like Bose and Sony in the past and they are good too...but since I'm an Apple user the AirPods and Powerbeats Pro connect seamlessly between multiple devices.