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Shiningc t1_ja1aygf wrote

No one claims that AirPods are the best, they just work well with Apple devices.


Lunafreya_NoxF t1_ja1y380 wrote

This is the answer.

They’re good, above average even? But they work well unless you get a dud (get it replaced if you do!)

There are however better sounding options.


kensaiD2591 t1_ja5pc00 wrote

Yup! I got the AirPods Gen 3 and mine were a dud out of the box, right AirPod wouldn’t make contact with the charger so couldn’t even pair them. Got it replaced easily enough though.


not-evileye12 t1_ja2qly6 wrote

Exactly. One of my favorite and most useful apple products ever.


TheWhyOfFry t1_ja2za87 wrote

I think when they came out, not too many had the charging case. The charging case is kind of genius because when you store them, they charge with little effort (having to be plugged in) and by just taking them off for normal day stuff (bathroom breaks, lunch), you could generally get a full days usage without a problem.

Other Bluetooth headphones of the time often needed to be plugged in and had similar battery life so if you weren’t militant about plugging them in, they’d die by the end of the day or when you were in the go away from a plug.