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FalseEvidence t1_ja1ltl0 wrote

The original AirPods were okay in terms of sound quality, but the 2nd gen really made some improvements in that department as well as other quality of life improvements.

  1. Sound is much more pleasing and less vanilla. More sub bass, better separation, and clearer vocal.
  2. Noise cancellation is better at reducing sounds that aren’t just constant rumbles.
  3. Adaptive transparency works.
  4. Automatic switching and connecting is much quicker and more reliable.
  5. Integrated U1 chip and speaker in the case so you can find it easier.
  6. Battery life is incredible. I usually get around 6 hrs with ANC/transparency, which means they can stay on from the moment I leave the house through taxi, airport, plane, and all the way until I check into the hotel.

HOWEVER, YMMV when it comes to all the subjective experiences. In terms of call quality, I just don’t know. You can hear people super well yes, but the microphone is nothing special.


Nonamesfound t1_ja2q532 wrote

All great points. I think the call quality is fantastic, much much better than any I have tried.

And the mic is far far better than all the others I’ve tried.

The mic on other earbuds was much more muffled on other earbuds.